Sunday 23 August 2015

Cut The Crab

Good news for Seafood lovers in Jakarta. I found one nice seafood restaurant named Cut The Crab. Located at Kelapa Gading, Cut The Crab is specialized on crab and also offers other delicious and fresh seafood.

This restaurant has a unique style for serving their dishes. Instead of using plate to serve the dishes, they put paper on the top of the table and after that they pour the seafoods from bucket into that table. You will be using bare hands to eat the dishes. They also provide paper apron for us to wear. It's to protect our clothes, so it will not be dirty.

Single Jingle and Jaws Seafood Mix

Over there, we tried Single Jingle and Jaws Seafood Mix. Every dishes come with sauce. You may choose between Original sauce, Salty sauce, Lemon Twist sauce and Sweet sauce. Each sauce has three spiciness level: Not Spicy, Medium and XXX.  Based on their recommendation, I chose Medium Original Sauce for Single Jingle and Not Spicy Sweet sauce for Jaw Seafood Mix.

Single Jingle IDR180.000

Single Jingle consists of small size crab. The meat is delicious, sweet and fresh. The sauce makes the crab taste superb.

Jaws Seafood Mix IDR325.000

Jaws Seafood Mix consists of Prawn, Lobster, Crawfish, Mushroom, Green Mussel, Corn, Broccoli and Carrot. The Prawn, Lobster and Crawfish sizes are big. The meat is also fresh and crunchy. The sauce is also delicious. You will be satisfied with this dish.

Although the price is quite expensive, it's worth to try. Because the seafood quality is very good and the portion is big enough.

Will I go there again? Yes.

Below are step by step on how they serve the dishes.

Cut The Crab
Name: Cut The Crab
Address: Boulevard Barat Raya Blok LC 6 No.7, Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara (Indonesia)


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