Wednesday 9 January 2013

Warung Pok Encum

Today’s post is AGAIN about some of the food that I took when I was in Jakarta!!  Now you surely will understand the reason of me gaining some weight every time I go back to Jakarta :(

This time let me share with you one old and nice place for having lunch at Warung Pok Encum.

Warung Pok Encum offers many types of old-school dishes, some of them are difficult to find in another places nowadays.

My grandma is the one who introduced me to this small eatery. Frankly speaking, when we reached at this place, I was quite surprise with the surrounding area. 

I was thinking; why on earth my grandma brought me to this kind of place?!?! Was there any “good and decent” food around here?!?!?!  The eatery is so small and the surrounding area is dirty!!!

Never judge by its outlook!!  Now I understand this word!! After I tried their dishes, I realise that their dishes are very delicious. It’s just too amazing :)

Actually, I salute to Warung Pok Encum’s owner. Although the place is small and not located at good area, Warung Pok Encum can survive for the last 30years until now. I believe it’s because their foods are so tasty!!

FYI, the owner got told me that not long ago, one of the local TV channel came to review their place. It’s up to you to believe it or not :P

How to order the food? It’s use the same method as how you order mixed rice in Singapore. Every dish has a different price.

I ordered mixed rice with fried chicken, perkedel and sambal goreng kentang. Other than that, I also tried their soto mie and es teler.

FYI: Soto mie is a  soup with noodles, hard-boiled egg, beef and tomato.

Es teller toppings are avocado, coconut and jackfruit.

Overall dishes are delicious. I will surely, confirm with guarantee chop, will come back again whenever I go back to Jakarta.

Spicy Baby Squid with Petai
Fried Chicken
Spicy Fish with Corn and Petai

Sayur Asem

Spicy Bittergroud

Chicken Heart Satay

Spicy Fish

Spicy Cockle with Petai
Jengkol (Dogfruit)

Sambal Goreng Kentang

Tofu Curry

Soto Ayam
Es Teler
Warung Pok Encum Interior

Name: Warung Pok Encum
Address: Jalan Palmerah Barat IV RT 001 RW 010 No:39


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