Monday 2 September 2013

Sate Kambing Ayam Holil Madura

Hi all, Today I will show you one of my "MUST have" food whenever I went back to Jakarta. It's called Sate Ayam. In Singapore, we called it satay.

Although this sate looks like Singapore satay, but the taste is TOTALLY different. Singapore version of satay has a sweet taste and you can eat the satay without peanut sauce.

Indonesian version of satay is not sweet and you must eat it with either peanut sauce mixed with sweet ketchup; or sweet ketchup mixed with onion and chili padi.

Personally, I prefer Indonesian satay more than Singapore satay not because I am an Indonesian, but because the Indonesian satay taste is A LOT more delicious and NICER.

I believe you will agree with me if you already tried Indonesian satay before.

Now, I will tell to you a bit story about this Sate Kambing Ayam Holil Madura.

Every day they sell the satay start from evening until night. They were very hardworking. Can you imagine, every day they will bring their own cart from their place to Kelapa Gading. It's a tough job. After reached the place where they can stop and sell the satay, they need to heat up the charcoal around 15-20 minutes to barbeque the satay. After that, then they will be able to barbeque the satay.

They only have two types of satay' meat, you can choose between chicken or lamb satay. If you hungry, you may want to add steamed rice or lontong.

Although this place is not as clean as a 'normal' restaurant and sometimes has many mosquitoes, I still like this place. I can guarantee that this satay is nicer than the restaurant' version.

Will I go there again? Of course absolutely Yes

Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay)

Sate Ayam in the making

Name: Sate Kambing Ayam Holil Madura
Address: beside Jl. Boulevard Raya Bl FV-1 No. 14 Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara - Indonesia


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