Thursday 18 April 2013

Bubur Ayam Cianjur

Good Day to All!!!!

Today’s post is to review another food in Jakarta, Indonesia. Oh, how I misses the food from my hometown.

It called Bubur Ayam Cianjur (Bubur = Porridge, Ayam = Chicken, Cianjur = a city name in Indonesia). It is one of my favourite foods in Jakarta.

This “bubur ayam” is not a common porridge that you can be easily found in Jakarta, especially around my complex (Kelapa Gading area).

Last time (from high school till university time), I and my mom always ate this porridge early in the morning. We walked from home to there. Although it was quite far, but I enjoyed walked together with her.

 Last time the seller had one gerobak (cart) to sell his porridge. And he prepared one long chair for the customer. Even though the environments not so “clean”, there were still lot customers’ drives or walk there to eat his porridge.

What makes this porridge so special (I can guarantee chop you can't find this kind of porridge in Singapore)?

First, it's because they have a few type options of side dishes (such as Potato, Egg and many more) to add on into the porridge. Different side dish comes with different price.

Second, it's because they have this special gravy that makes the porridge taste superb. Their special gravy contains spring onions, chicken essence and other ingredients.

Third and the most important is their chili is very spicy and nice.

Their porridge comes with free crackers and emping (cracker made of melinjo).

Will I go there again?  Absolutely YES! I can never have enough of this porridge.

Bubur Ayam Cianjur 

Egg, Potato and special gravy
Crackers and Emping

Name: Bubur Ayam Cianjur
Location: Nearby SD Tunas Karya I and  in front of the old playground.
Opening Hours
Morning: 6:00AM - 11:00AM
Evening: 4:00PM - 9:00PM


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