Wednesday 23 October 2013

Barbie Cafe

Are you Barbie lovers? If yes, you MUST visit Barbie Store at Mall Kelapa Gading III (Jakarta - Indonesia).

Short introduction about Barbie Store
This is the biggest store in South East Asia.  This Barbie store has Barbie Beauty & Photo Studio, Barbie Playhouse and Barbie Café. Only children can play in the Barbie Playhouse.
Barbie Café offers quite numbers of main dishes, beverages and cakes. To attract customer (like me), they put Barbie logo in the foods and beverages.

I visited this Barbie café with Kezia during my last holiday. We tried Chicken Finger with Honey Mustard Sauce, Macaroons, Cupcake and Iced Cappuccino. We purposely ordered those dishes because of the Barbie logo :p

Chicken Finger with Honey Mustard Sauce was delicious. The Chicken was crispy and not oily.

Macaroons, Cupcake and Iced Cappuccino tastes were also not bad.

We were enjoying having lunch and taking some pictures at this café.

Chicken Finger with Honey Mustard Sauce IDR28.000

Iced Cappuccino

Barbie Café Menu

Barbie Store Interior

Barbie Café

Name: Barbie Café
Address: Mall Kelapa Gading III Jakarta Utara - Indonesia


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