Saturday 9 March 2013

Kelapa Gading Food Marathon

Happy Saturday to All!!!!

Beware: this post is AGAIN (OMG) to review some other good restaurants in Kelapa Gading. 

If you have a chance to go to Jakarta, make sure to visit Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara – North Jakarta (my kampong sweet kampong).

Ok, to answer the question of yesterday’s post, I couldn’t order too much food because we still need to review another good restaurant on that very same day. 

Just FYI, we (I and Oliv) had 2 days food marathon for our own personal purpose. Me is for my blog’s purpose, is to share about Jakarta’s food with my great follower in Singapore. And Oliv is for her to record down for her article purpose. 

Ok, let’s the review begins…….

1st Day:  Sunny Side Up, Sour Sally
For the Sunny Side Up review, you may read it here.

After had late lunch at Sunny Side Up, we decided to try yogurt at Sour Sally. Sour Sally can also be found in some of the Shopping Centre in Singapore.  In La Piazza, Sour Sally has quite a lot suitor (most of them are youngster).

Sour Sally Interior

Address: Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading Raya Blok M Kelapa Gading Barat Kelapa Gading - La Piazza

2nd Day: Bong KopiTown, Bobabits and Culina
It’s not a coincidence that the second day is a Valentine day. So, we had valentine celebration and the food marathon at the same time. 

Ok, let me review it one by one. 

For the Bong KopiTown review, you may read it here.


Second stop of the day is Bobabits. We went there just because of their unique decoration. The chairs are designed like a trolley that you can find in supermarket. Bobabits is famous for their bubble Tea.  

We ordered Hawaiian Musubi, Fried Cream Cheese Wonton, Hot Grass Jelly Fiesta and Rose Tea.

Hawaiian Musubi is a bit similar like sushi, it’s bigger than sushi and you no need to eat it with the sushi soya sauce and the wasabi. The tastes are okay. They use pork ham as the meat.

Fried Cream Cheese Wonton is nice as well. It’s crispy outside and cheesy inside. 

Hot Grass Jelly Fiesta is just like hot herbal tea.

Rose Tea is one of their recommended beverages. It’s blew me away as I saw real small rose inside the tea.  The taste is not bad.

Rose Tea IDR21.000

Fried Cream Cheese Wonton IDR33.000

 Hot Grass Jelly Fiesta IDR34.000

 Hawaiian Musubi IDR25.000

Bobabits Interior

Address: Gading Walk Unit 15-17 (Mall Kelapa Gading)


The last stop is Culina. This restaurant is located just beside Sunny Side Up and Bobabits

Culina is famous with their Toast. They have nine different toppings, such as Beef Floss, Strawberry Butter, Butter Sugar, Peanut Butter, Milky Cheese, Egg and Cheese, Kaya Butter, Milky Tausa, Egg and Cheese, Choco Cheese

We tried Strawberry Butter. For my point of view, it tastes just like any other ordinary toast. There is nothing that s special about their toast.

Strawberry Butter Toast IDR12.000

Culina Interior

Address: Kelapa Gading Mall 3, G Fl Unit Gading Walk


The last dessert I will review is Manon Macaron. Oliv gave me that as the Valentine’s gift. 

She told me that Macaron is best to eat right after you bought it. For me personally, it is one of the best macarons I ever tried so far. 

Their Toraja Coffee, Dark Chocolate 70% and Mild Chocolate macaron is freaking nice. I finished 5 macarons all by myself. 

Anyway thanks for the macaron and for accompanying me though out our 2 days food marathon!!!

Manon Macaron


I have a great time at this Food Marathon. I can’t wait for the next meet up.  Ups, I think I gain a bit weight after this food marathon :P

PS: You may want to see Oliv’s post about our food marathon over here


  1. mantap nih fotonya. huehue.
    klo ke jakarta coba ke Mbah Jingkrak di Stiabudi, Kuningan. The food is good and the ambience really unique.

  2. thanks Stephanie:) Ok, nanti diusahain kesana pas liburan lagi..


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