Saturday 28 April 2012

Hock Lam Beef

Today, I want to share with you one special restaurant that offers everything about beef (include the beef ball, sliced beef, tendon)!!

The beef is tender and soft; the soup taste is very nice and healthy because they got put herb inside. The chili also very very nice, since they make it themself.

In Singapore, I seldom see any kopitiam / hawker centre / restaurant that serves beef meat ball. To my surprised, this restaurant was established since 1911.

Over there, they show case many Singapore / oversea actress’s and actor’s portrait who ever went there and tried their food. From there we could tell how many celebrities have been tries their delicacies.

Hock Lam Beef is my favourites lunch place whenever I go to China Town. Recommended to try.

Slice Beef and Beef Ball Kway Teow Soup S$6.50

Slice Beef Kway Teow Dry S$6.50

Hock Lam Beef Interior

Name: Hock Lam Beef
Address: 22 China Street, #01-01, Far East Square
Nearest MRT: China Town MRT

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday & PH: 10.00AM – 9.00PM

Friday 27 April 2012

De Cooking House

Are you one of the homemade cookies lovers? If you are one on this category, you may try the De Cooking House.

 It’s located a bit further from China Town MRT, so you need to walk to reach there.

Though the place does not look as posh as other restaurant’ in the area, the owner was friendly and over there, they were serves a lot of variety of cookies.

They best seller cookies are Almond Short Bread, Pineapple Tarts, Rum Ball and many more.

The cookies over there are quite unique for me, maybe it’s because I cannot find those types in Indonesia.

My favourites are Rum Ball and Pineapple Tarts. Both are very very nice.

Their signature cookies are Pineapple Tarts and Almond Cookies which are rated highly by The Sunday Times and 'Sweet Things, Singapore's best dessert' guidebook.

Almond Short Bread (Rock Bun) S$1.10

HK Wife Cake S$1.20

Mini Tarts Apple / Blueberry / Chocolate / Strawberry S$0.55

Wife Cake (Pineapple Paste) S$1.30

Walnut Puff (with Lotus Paste) S$1.60

WholeMeal Salty Tau Sar Piah S$1.00

Walnut Puff (with Pandan Lotus) S$1.80, Walnut Puff (with Greentea Lotus) S$1.80, Almond Boat S$1.80

Rum Ball S$1.00

Pineapple Tarts

De Cooking House Owner

Name: De Cooking House (Chang Wang)
Location: 137 Amoy Street #01-04 Far East Square
Nearest MRT: China Town MRT

Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday: 9.00AM - 9.30PM
Sunday: 9.00AM - 6.00PM

Thursday 19 April 2012

Manna Story

Boring with Chinese and Western foods? You may try Manna Story.

Manna Story is a Korean restaurant that sells authentic Korean dishes, such as Jjajang Myeon, Dolsot Bibimbap and many more.

The unique things about his restaurant is their utensils and interior decorations. The environment will make you feel like you are eating in one of the restaurant in Korea.

The dishes' taste are not bad. My recommended dish in here is Jjajang Myeon. The taste is very unique. They also give a set of kimchi if you order the main dish.

Jjajang Myeon S$10.80

Dolsot Bibimbap S$12.80

Ramyeon S$10.80

Manna Story's Interior

Name: Manna Story
Address: 68 Orchard Road #B2-22 Plaza Singapura
Opening Hours: 10:00AM - 9:30PM
Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut MRT

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Menya Musashi

As you all know, me and my colleagues LOVE to hang out and try different type of foods available in Singapore. So, last week, one of my colleagues, saw this big advertisement (from newspaper) that there is one new Ramen Restaurant open at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Make it short, on last Friday evening, we all decided to have dinner at that new Ramen Restaurant, called Menya Musashi.

Maybe because it is a new restaurant (they just opened in Singapore early of April 2012), they are many people’s interested to try.  When we reach there, we quite surprise to see the queue. The restaurant was very crowded and the queue was quite long!!!!

We are waited for around 20 minutes just to get our seats. Good advice for you all: just call and make reservation first before you go there.

This restaurant offers 7 different types of ramen which can categorize into 4 groups. They are: Black Ramen, White Ramen, Red Ramen and Tsukemen Ramen.

Black, White and Red Ramen itself has 2 different types. They differentiate by its meat: Kakuni or Chasu.

FYI, they have promo if you ordering the Tsukemen Ramen. You can top-up your noodle up to 5 times. 

Here are our orders:

1. Black Kakuni RamenInterested with black soup, I ordered this one. This ramen consist of tender and juicy braised pork which complements the soup base made with fermented onion and crushed garlic that has been fried to a deep dark colour that gives the soup its signature black colour. This dish also has the most robust flavour on the menu.

2. White Cha Shu Ramen The chashu is made of pork belly which is marinated in soy sauce and creamy soup base which comprises mostly pork broth and fish broth.

3. Red Kakuni Ramen This ramen was created especially for the Singapore store to cater to the local preference for all things spicy. With tender and juicy braised pork and the pork broth contains many types of spices which are blended to form the unique taste of the dish.

4. Tsukemen Ramen In this dish, the broth is served separately from the noodles, which are then dipped and eaten. The noodles are chewy, springy and curly, which serves to soak up more of the delicious broth. They also offering up to five extra servings of noodles at no additional cost for every order of the Tsukemen Ramen.

Red Kakuni Ramen S$14.90

White Cha Shu Ramen S$12.90

Black Kakuni Ramen S$14.90

Black Tsukemen S$13.90

Menya Musashi's Interior

Name: Menya Musashi
Address: #01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road
Opening Hours: 11:30AM - 10:00PM
Nearest MRT: City Hall MRT

Saturday 14 April 2012

Kungfu Paradise

Kungfu Paradise is one of Hong Kong Cafe/Restaurant in Singapore.

First time attempted, I was impressed with their Dry Noodles with Spice Chicken Cube and Lava Custard bun.

Their Dry Noodles reminded me of Indonesia's instant noodle (Indomie mee goreng).

Their Lava Custard Bun was really nice too.

Popping Lobster pasta was nice but the portion was very very less.

Satisfied with the first attempted, I decided to go there again for the second time. This time I tried their Dry Noodle Chicken Chop and The Duo Master.

The Fish in Duo Master was crispy and nice. But, I was really disappointed with their Dry Noodle Chicken Chop. The Noodle was very hard and it was served not warm at all. 

Actually Kungfu Paradise is one of a good place for having lunch and dinner. Too bad I was quite disappointed with my second visit there. The service there is very poor. 

It took more than 45 minutes to serve the Dry Noodle Chicken Chop. I guarantee they forget about this order.

Hope the Kungfu Paradise management at Tampines branch can improve their service quality, because overall their dishes are not bad.

Dry Noodles with Spice Chicken Cubes S$6.90

Dry Noodles with Chicken Chop S$7.90

Popping Lobster Pasta S$12.90
A combination with Chunky Lobster and Fish Roe cooked with Cream Sauce

The Duo Master S$12.90
Chicken Chop and Fish Fillet topped with Mozzarella Cheese and Tomato sauce 

Steamed Lava Custard Buns (3PCS) S$3.90
Custard Bun with molten centre of delicious Salted Egg

Kungfu Stylo Coffee S$2.60

Kungfu Paradise's interior

Name: Kungfu Paradise
Address: 2 Tampines Central 5 #01-37 Century Square
Nearest MRT: Tampines MRT

Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday: 11:00AM - 2:00AM
Friday and eve of Public Holiday: 11:00AM - 3:00AM
Saturday: 10:00AM - 3.00AM
Sunday: 10:00AM - 2:00AM

Olive Vine

Hunting for nice foods with affordable price at Marina Square? You might try Olive Vine Restaurant.

Last month, I and my friends went there to try their foods.

Every one of us ordered Deluxe Set Meal. What so special about this set Meal? You just need to add S$4.00 to any Ala Carte Main and you can get 1 Soup, 1 Dessert of the Day and 1 Beverage. The average of their Ala Carte Main’s might cost you around S$8.00 – S$15.00. So, with only S$4.00 additional cost, you may enjoy their beverage. It’s quite worth to try!

FYI, there is no service charge applied in this restaurant.

Their Olive Rice Chicken BBQ sauce is very tasty and the portion is quite big. Their Fried Fish with Fettuccine in Cream sauce is also delicious.

You can choose Cheese Cake, Chocolate Cake or Carrot Cake for the Dessert of the Day.

I tried their Chocolate cake; it was very special because the chocolate is warm. I recommend you to try their Carrot cake as well.
 Pan Fried Fish with Fettuccine in Cream Sauce S$8.90 


Olive Rice Chicken BBQ Sauce S$7.90

Chocolate Cake

Carrot Cake

Olive Vine's Interior

Name: Olive Vine
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #B1-17 Marina Square
Nearest MRT: City Hall MRT

Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 10:00AM - 10.00PM
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00AM - 11:00PM

Monday 9 April 2012


Do you craving ramen?? 

Bishamon offer you 4 different types of Ramen: 

1. Sapporo Ramen
Consists of the authentic thick and savory pork and chicken broth, topped with bean sprouts, corn, nori (seaweed), leeks, bamboo shoots, sliced cha shu (pork loin) and served with springy and curly noodles.

2. Bishamon Special Ramen

3. Kogashi Tonkotsu Ramen
The Kogashi consists of a thick creamy pork broth seasoned with, a blackish aromatic oil made from charred crushed garlic, served with thin and straight noodles topped with bamboo shoots, naruto (fish cake), sliced cha shu (pork belly) and kikurage (wood ear mushroom).

4. Assari Ramen
A light and simple yet flavorful and satisfying taste, topped with bean sprouts, corn, nori (seaweed), leeks, bamboo shoots, sliced cha shu (pork loin) and served with springy and curly noodles.

5.Kyushu Tonkotsu Ramen.

Beside Ramen, they also sell Curry Rice, Don, Salad, Sushi, Sashimi, Gyoza and many more.

For the affordable price and nice taste, Bishamon is worth to try.

Nidaime Sutamina Ramen

Spicy Miso Ramen

Name: Bishamon
Address: Bedok Point #02 - 32/34
Nearest MRT: Bedok MRT

Sunday 8 April 2012

BBQ Chicken

Hi all!! Today, I will review BBQ Chicken restaurant. BBQ Chicken is one of the Western food restaurants in Singapore.

BBQ Chicken claims that they are number 1 Chicken restaurant in Korea. It's reflected from their logo (BBQ = Best of the Best Quality). I have no idea whether it's true or not, since I have never been to Korea before :)

BBQ Chicken promises healthy food by using 100% pure olive oil to fry chicken. So it's a good choice for parents who worried their children eat not healthy fried chicken.

They have much different type of dishes like Pizza, Salad, Dessert, Sundae, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Beef and many more.


Fish 'n' Chip S$13.90

Black Pepper Chicken Steak S$14.90

Cutlet 'n' Cream Pasta S$13.50

Name: BBQ Chicken
Address: The Central, 6 Eu Tong Street #01-58/59.
Opening Hours: 11:00AM - 10.30PM
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay MRT

Saturday 7 April 2012

Paul Bakery

Paul bakery finally opened at our Sunny Island, Singapore!! This bakery was very famous in France because they still using traditional baking method and recipe.

After read many good feedbacks from others fellow bloggers, I decided to give a try too.  Together with friends of mine, we go to Takashimaya – 3rd Floors, just next to Kinokuniya.

At first glance, I quite love the cosy feeling of this restaurant. The place is not that big, but it’s a good place for hang out with friends or your dearest =)

We decided to try their desserts, such as Millefeuille Chocolat, try Tartellete Fraises, Tartellete Citron, Coupe Fruittee and Cafe Gourmand. We also tried their Crepe Complete.

Overall the cakes were nice, not that spectacular, but not that awful either.  Personally, I love their Millefeuille Chocolat and Crepe Complete.

Millefeuille Chocolat was one of the signature cakes over there. It's nice and crunchy. The chocolate taste is not that sweet.

The turkey in Crepe Complete is juicy.

Beside Millefeuille Chocolat, you must try Tartellete Fraises also. The base cake is crunchy and the Strawberry is fresh

If you are sour taste’ lover, you may try their Tartellete Citron. The taste is super sour and refreshing because of the lime. If you don’t like sour, you may not consider ordering this dessert. FYI, don’t misjudge this cake by it looks. It is not ‘France’ egg tart, it is “France’ lime tart =P

As for the drink, I tried their Coupe Fruittee. The fruits were really fresh and the ice creams were great.

If you want to order their set menu, you can try Cafe Gourmand. You will get a cup of coffee and 3 mini macaroons.

Bon appetite!

Millefeuille Chocolat S$6.40
One famous Napoleon with Chocolate Creme Patissiere filling  

Crepe Complete S$17.90
Turkey and Cheese in a Pancake topped with a Fried Egg 

Tartelette Fraises S$6.40
Creme Patissiere (French Pastry Cream) and Strawberries (Seasonal)

Tartellette Citron S$6.10
Lemon Cream Tartlet

Cafe Gourmand S$7.90
Large Coffee with 3 mini Macaroons 

Coupe Fruitee S$9.90
Strawberry, Mango & Lime Sorbets served with fresh Fruit & Whipped Cream

Paul's interior

Name: Paul Bakery
Address: 391A Orchard Road, #03-16/16A/17 Ngee Ann City Tower A
Opening Hours
- Bakery:
Sunday – Thursday: 8:30AM – 10:00PM
Friday – Saturday: 8:30AM – 11.00PM
- Restaurant
Monday – Sunday: 10:00AM – 11:00PM
Nearest MRT: Orchard MRT