Friday 1 March 2013


Introduce new Japanese Restaurant at IMM!! It called SABOTEN.

Just FYI! In Japan, Saboten is considered as one of the famous and largest Tonkatsu restaurant that started in Shinjuku 1966. Ehm.. Sounds good, right?!?!?

Last month, I went there and ordered Chicken Katsu Set ($18) and Tenderloin Katsu Curry ($19).

What makes this Japanese restaurant different with the rest?  For some of the set, they provide fresh shredded cabbage (you can keeps top up this dish, FOC).

This cabbage comes with different choices of sauce which are Creamy Sesame and Yuzu Vinegar sauce. For me personally, I prefer the Creamy one instead of the Yuzu Vinegar. It's really fresh and delicious.

Chicken Katsu set comes with a bowl of rice, a bowl of Tonkatsu sauce with sesame seeds, a bowl of miso soup, a plate of fresh cabbage and ice cream. You can refill the rice, miso soup and cabbage without any additional charge (FOC).

Before eat the Chicken Katsu, you need to grind your sauce personally. Just grind the sesame seeds with a wooden stick and mixed it with the tonkatsu sauce from an earthen urn.
I love the idea of having the fresh shredded cabbage with the chicken katsu. The freshness and crispiness of this dish is surprisingly great.

As for the tenderloin Katsu curry; this dish not bad either. The curry is not that spicy and the tenderloin Katsu is crispy enough. But, this dish’ portion is a bit too small for me :P

Additional point for this restaurant: the waiters over there are patience when explaining the correct way to grind the sesame seeds and what type of the sauces that they have.

Chicken Katsu Set S$18

Tenderloin Katsu Curry S$19

Yuzu Vinegar and Creamy Sesame sauce
Sesame seeds with a Wooden Stick and Tonkatsu sauce from an earthen urn

Ice Cream
 Saboten Interior
Name: Saboten
Address: 2 Jurong East Street 21 #01-19 IMM Building
Nearest MRT: Jurong East MRT


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