Tuesday 3 December 2013

Rujak Padang

Hi all, it's been a while I have been posting more Indonesian street foods than Indonesian restaurant foods. Hope you don't mind :)  The reason behind this is because as an Indonesian, I am proud that Indonesia has many unique and delicious traditional street foods yet some of the traditional street foods are starting to be forgotten. So, before traditional street foods are gone, I take initiative to find as many as I can.

Nowadays, some of the Indonesian people prefer Western and new Asian foods more than traditional foods.
Some other people who still prefer traditional foods also stop buying foods from the street because of hygiene and healthy issues. Honestly, I can't blame these kind of people because I know the fact from TV that some of food seller using unhygienic and unhealthy ingredients to cook the foods.

Anyway, let's go back to today's food review.

Today's post is about Rujak Padang. Rujak Padang is a famous dish from Padang - Indonesia. It consists of a few types of fruits (mango, red rose apple, stone banana, red potatoes, star fruit and many more) and a sauce made from peanut, stone banana, salt and chilli. The taste is unique (I feel like smoky taste), delicious and very refreshing.
Rujak Padang IDR15.000 

I was lucky this rujak padang seller came early in my area last week (around 7:00 PM). Normally, he came  around 11:00 PM. He usually comes to my area every Thursday.

Btw, the way this rujak Padang seller selling rujak is very attractive for me. He sings some poem to announce his arrival. FYI, He was a champion of Rujak Padang in one of local TV channel, Indosiar. Hope you enjoy hearing his song from the video below.

First Poem

Second Poem

Below are some photos of the making of Rujak Padang.

Stone Banana


Rujak Padang cart



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