Friday 20 December 2013

Restoran Sederhana

Have you ever try Padang Style restaurant in Jakarta?

If the answer is no, then you MUST try it when you visit my hometown one day. I guarantee you will love it (confident + proud mode).

Restoran Sederhana is one of the most famous Padang style restaurants in Jakarta.

This restaurant offers a wide range of delicious dishes that ‘confirm’ will make you to eat for more than one round.

Most of the dishes over there are spicy. But don't worry; they also have a few non spicy dishes for you to try.

How to order the foods over there?
Normally they will put more than ten small plates in your table. Each plate contains different dish and some of the dishes (e.g: chicken, fritters) have 2 pieces in a single plate. Don't worry if you are eat alone, you can only take one piece of chicken or fritters to try and of course you only pay one piece of the dish.

But this rule is not meant for all dishes in here. Most of the vegetables and fish are calculate by per plate. So you still need to pay full price even you only eat half portion of the dish in a single plate.

Over there, we tried Ayam Bakar, Ayam Gulai, Tempe Goreng Tepung, Bakwan Jagung, Anak Ikan Cabai Ijo, Sayur Nangka and Udang Balado. I like all the foods especially Anak Ikan Cabai Ijo and Ayam Bakar.

Anak Ikan Cabai Ijo is a baby fish with Green Chilli.  It's so crunchy. I can't imagine that those baby fishes can be that crunchy!!

Ayam Bakar is a grilled chicken. It tasted so damn good!! The flavour and the meat were just simply delicious.

Overall, we enjoyed had our late lunch over there.

Will I go there again? Yes

Ayam Bakar IDR15.0o0 (per piece)

Ayam Gulai IDR15.000 (per piece)

Ayam Cabai Ijo

Gulai Ati Ampela

Rendang Sapi

Tempe Goreng Tepung IDR3.000 (per piece)

Bakwan Jagung IDR8.000 (per piece)

Anak Ikan Cabai Ijo IDR16.000

Ikan Bakar

Sayur Nangka IDR9.000

Kambing Rendang

Sambal Ijo

Ayam Goreng

Udang Balado IDR20.000

Restoran Sederhana
Name: Restoran Sederhana
Address: Boulevard Raya Blok LA 4/3 Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara Indonesia


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