Wednesday 30 January 2013

Sembawang White Beehoon

Last week I got an invitation from Mediacorp - Channel 8 to join as the foods tester on one of their local show, which is called Where the Queue Starts Series 4.

This show is about finding a hawker food / restaurant that have super long queue. Leaded by Bryan Wong and Cavin Soh, there will be a group formed by public to taste the food, and finally voting for the food if it’s worth for the queue.

Although I could not join this show because of my language limitation (this show’s conversation will be in Mandarin, duh!!), I still want to help them to find a super long queue restaurant around Singapore.

After search for some information, I manage to find the super long queue restaurant located at the opposite of Sembawang Shopping Centre. This restaurant called Sembawang White Beehoon Restaurant.

I heard that this restaurant is famous for their Seafood White Beehoon. This restaurant is a Cze Char style restaurant. Although they have many types of dishes, but most of the people go there is for their Seafood White Beehoon

I was very curious to know what is so special about this Seafood White Beehoon. After I tried, I feel that the Seafood White Beehoon is nice, a decent home cooked dish, and it will be great to eat it while it’s hot.

Other than Seafood White Beehoon, We ordered Sweet & Sour Pork and Indo-style fried Chicken Wing.

Their Sweer & Sour Pork is crispy and the Indo-style fried Chicken Wing taste is taste deliciously nice as well.

Their Seafood White Beehoon is indeed nice. If you stay near red line MRT (especially Sembawang area), you definitely must try this Seafood White Beehoon, even it requires you to queue :)

FYI! You could take a shuttle bus from Sembawang MRT to Sembawang Shopping Centre. The distance is not that near and the shuttle bus’ queue is quite long as well. 


Seafood White Beehoon S$4.00

Indo-style fried Chicken Wing S$6 (S), S$8 (M), S$12 (L)

Sweet & Sour Pork S$10 (S), S$15 (M), S$20 (L)

Sembawang White Beehoon Interior
Name: Sembawang White Beehoon - You Huak Restaurant
Address: 22 Jalan Tampang (Opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre)
Nearest MRT: Sembawang MRT
Opening Hours
11:30AM - 10:30PM (Closed on Wednesday)

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  1. several years ago, there was no queue. It was very easy getting a table there. However lately, I have not been back. Its just too crowded


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