Friday 4 January 2013


Do you like Fast Food? For me personally, I like to eat it occasionally!! In Singapore, there are so many good Fast Food restaurants, such as KFC, Macdonald, Texas Chicken, Popeye’s, Wendy’s, etc.

But, there is one Fast Food Restaurant that has been missing from Singapore. Yup, it was A&W. In Singapore, A&W closed down in 2003.

So, the only chance I can visit A&W is when I ‘balik kampong’ to Jakarta.

For Today, I will share with you about this Fast Food Restaurant that has mascot called Rooty (the Great Root Bear). Oh ya, just FYI, A&W is stand for Allen & Wright.

I visited A&W during my holiday trip to Jakarta. Each of us ordered a set of set meal. This set meal comes with two Chickens, plain rice and root bear.

I topped up the root bear to float root bear and ordered the curly fries. I LOVE to drink root bear. For me, it is the best soft drink ever!!!

And as for the foods, their curly fries and the chicken are also nice.

I truly hope that A&W will reopen again in Singapore soon (finger cross).

A&W set meal IDR37.000
Crispy Chicken
Float Root Bear
Curly Fries IDR18.500
A&W Interior

Name: A&W
Address: Mall Kelapa Gading


  1. You know what? I ate there again. I ordered the same thing without the fries, but i got 2 rice instead of 1 for the same packet. I really miss it :-P

  2. Woah so good. I am also miss it :)

  3. S.H.I.T!!! I haven't been there for like such a long time!!!!


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