Friday 12 April 2013

Loewen Garden Markets

Do you know Singapore have a Garden Market? Yes, Singapore has it. It called Loewen Garden Markets.

This market sells fresh produce, cake, chocolates, burger and many more.

Seller at this market uses a table to displays/sells their goods. Some of them provide a free samples for the customer to taste. All the goods and foods over there are not just a common goods that can be easily find in Singapore. Some of the goods are come from French and Himalayan.

Some of them make their own country famous dishes/cakes. We tried some of the samples.

All I can say is the foods are unique, fresh and quite nice.

Chocolate Mint Ganache Tart and Snickers Tart

Traditional Baklava (Almond/Walnut/Pistachio)
Dark Chocolate & Flaked Almond Baklava
I found some special jams. There are Rhododendron jam, ginger jam and Himalayan Honey jam. All the jams are from Himalayan.

Rhododendron jam is an uncommon. The colour is red like strawberry jam.

Ginger jam is use the real ginger. The ginger taste is very strong. This jam also can become tea if you pour the hot water. It's good to make your body warm.

Himalayan Honey jam is also nice. The honey taste is a slightly different with common honey.

I also found some nice fresh vegetables from Himalayan, such as Yacon and Bean. Yacon is like ‘bangkuang or Yam Bean’. Yacon and the bean are crunchy. Although is a raw, but it's very nice.

Seedless Tomatoes and Bean

The meat in burger has the perfect smoky flavour and quite tender.

Over there, I bought Maqui raw organic chocolate from SuperFood and banana pudding from Petit Pudding.

Maqui is made from Australia. Can you imagine how the raw chocolate taste does? The taste is very uniquely awkward. I never taste this kind of things before. It’s a lot bitter compare than dark chocolate, but it's nice.

Maqui raw organic chocolate 

The Banana pudding is also nice. Do you know why I bought it? Because I Love banana!!! Any cakes/dessert/dishes made with banana as the ingredient, is a must-try-foods for me. 

This pudding has 3 layers. First layer is cookies, second layer is banana and the first layer is pudding. As expected, it’s YUMMY.

Banana pudding

Carré pain d'épices is a French version of Gingerbread. No sugar added in this cake. They only add real raw honey.
Carré pain d'épices

Loewen Gardens Market located at 75 Loewen Road, off Harding Road, Tanglin Village cluster. This market opens every first and third Saturday of the month from 9:00AM - 2:00PM.

How to go there? It will be a lot easier to drive or take a cab. The nearest MRT is Orchard MRT. I spent around S$7 for the cab fee from Orchard MRT.


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