Friday 5 April 2013


Do you have any special type of candy that can bring back your childhood memory? I DO!! Since last year I am hoping to get this candy, but I couldn’t get it anywhere I go.

Luckily, this year I FOUND it during my CNY holiday!! HUAHAHAHA, Yes, I FOUND IT!!!

It called Gulali (Taffy). It was the most creative candy arts which super famous among the Elementary student during my childhood (in Jakarta - Indonesia).

It was famous because the Gulali seller can make any of simple shape based on every student request, such as Flower, Chicken, Butterfly and many more.

Most of the students’ favourites were animal shapes. Some of the shape (bird shape), can produced a sound when you blew it.

I truly admire the creativity of the Gulali’ maker, even though this sweet is not that healthy.

The idea is just brilliant. I believed, it's not that easy to make the shape from the Gulali. It requires patient, skills and hard works.


Pacifier Shape

Flower Shape

Love Shape

Butterfly Shape 

Turtle Shape

Dragonfly Shape

Dolphin Shape

Bird Shape

Flower Shape

Chicken Shape

Flower Shape

Flower Shape

Star Shape

Lollipop Shape

Star Shape

Gulali Seller 

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