Wednesday 28 November 2012

Restaurants @ Jurong Bird Park

Fell hungry after having so much fun at Jurong Bird Park, Singapore?

No need to worry!! Today, I want to share with you some nice foods to take over there.

Bongo Burgers

It’s located outside the Jurong Bird Park. You no need to walk too far to find this restaurant.

Bongo Burgers sells a lot different varieties of Western Food, such as: burgers, pasta and many more.

Over there, I tried Turkey Ham Pasta. That pasta is not bad and the portion is quite big.
Turkey Ham Pasta S$9.25


Nasi Briyani shop at Jurong Bird Park’s cafeteria

There is one cafeteria which is located inside Jurong Bird Park, Singapore.

Over there, I tried the Chicken Briyani. It tasted so good. And I believe you will love it.
Chicken Briyani


Saturday 24 November 2012

Cook for Family Day November 2012

Thanks to Daniel Ang for giving me the opportunity to join the Cook For Family Day for the second times.

For the first opportunity, I posted my mother home cooked.

Today, I proudly present my first creation dish. It calls Green "Messy" Pasta.

Why I call it Green "Messy" Pasta? It's just because the outlooks is too messy. Hope you all understand :p

Please enjoy the following pictures.

Green "Messy" Pasta



P.S: Unbelievable!! I am still able to finish this food :)

Friday 23 November 2012

Mid-Autumn Festive Bazaar @ Clarke Quay

Every year during Mid-Autumn Festival, you could find many food stalls around Clarke Quay.
It was nice to go out there, ate good food and enjoyed the lanterns along the road with friends or families.
The best thing is, this year my office moved place and it located not too far from Clarke Quay. Yeah!!
Over there, I saw people selling BBQ squid. Interested with the appearance, I and colleague went to try it. 
We were very impressed with its taste. The squid is HUGE and tasty.
Other than BBQ Squid, we also tried the egg satay and mini xiao long bao.
Both Mini Xiao Long Bao and Egg satay are not too bad either.
Actually, it's quite difficult to find this kind of BBQ Squid and Egg Satay. I believed you could only find these kinds of foods during some festive.
So sorry! But, you might need to wait another Mid-Autumn Festival to try this squid =P
 Egg Satay (2pcs for S$5)

Mini Xiao Long Bao
BBQ Squid S$3
Clarke Quay Food Stall

Tuesday 20 November 2012


Hello All!!!

Today I want to share with you about Nandos. Nandos is one of so many western restaurants in Singapore which is quite famous.

Last two weeks, we decided to take our lunch there when we went to Plaza Singapura.

Frankly speaking, I love the posh ambience and decorations over there. It is such a nice place to hang out with friends/colleagues or family.

Over there, we ordered 1/2 Peri-Peri Chicken, Wrap Chicken Breast Fillet and Chocolate Crunch Roll.

I was a bit disappointed with the Peri-Peri Chicken. I choose this dish because it is one of their recommended dishes.

First of all, we waited for like 30 minutes for it to be prepared. And when it served, even though the chicken is big and tender, it was tasteless. I can’t feel any kind of taste, not even a bit spicy. FYI, I ordered it with medium spiciness.

Anyway, after topped up the Peri-Peri sauce (which is provided in every table), the taste was slightly better. 

PS: Peri-Peri is a type of chili that can be found at southern Africa.

Wrap Chicken Breast Fillet was not bad. The vegetable is fresh and the chicken is tender. The most important was, it got taste =P

The best of our lunch was their dessert. I was impressed with their Chocolate Crunch Roll. It was nice, sweet and crunchy!!

1/2 Peri-Peri Chicken S$17.90 
Wrap Chicken Breast Fillet S$9.90
Chocolate Crunch Roll S$5.90
Nandos Interior
Name: Nandos
Address: # 04 - 10/11, Plaza Singapura
Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut MRT
Opening Hours
Daily: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Happy Deepavali 2012

Happy Deepavali to all friends who celebrate it !!

Here are some nice Indian foods in Singapore:

Indian Rojak

Indian Rojak with Red Peanut Sauce
Chicken Briyani

Saturday 10 November 2012

Wu Dalang Cake

Just a quick post today!

Want to share with you a small cake shop selling Wu Dalang Cake.

Based on my colleague’ (who is from China) explanation, Wu Dalang cake is one type of cake which is famous in China.

Over there, they are selling different types of topping, such as: fresh meat, beef, pork & chives, mixed spices salt, sesame & sugar, chives & egg and sweet red bean.

I tried the Fresh Meat topping. The meat is nice and the cake is fragrant.

Thanks for dropping by and hope you will have a great weekend!!

Wu Dalang Cake with Fresh Meat S$2.00 

Wu Dalang cake shop
Name: Wu Dalang Cake Shop
Location: Near San Guo Grilled Fish restaurant
Nearest MRT: Kallang MRT
Opening Hours
Daily Morning: 4:00AM - 8:00AM
Daily Evening: 4:00PM - 10:00PM

Thursday 8 November 2012

San Guo Grilled Fish

Hi all, today I will share with you San Guo Grilled Fish restaurant. Last month, I and my colleague visited this restaurant for our dinner.

Over there, we ordered Fragrant & Spicy Grilled Fish, Fried Dumpling, Long Bean, Baked Prawn with Salt and Pepper, Stone Pot Special Spare Ribs and Hot & Sour Soup.

For me personally, their food tastes are not that fantastic, not bad but not great either.

Plus minus with their service attitude quality, nothing impresses me to visit their restaurant for the second time.  Can you imagine, it took almost 1 hour gap to serve every main dish?

In case you want to try having lunch / dinner over there, you might want to refer to my review as for your reference.

WORTH dishes to try:
- Fragrant & Spicy Grilled Fish
This is the nicest dish among the dishes that we ordered. The fish is fresh, big and tasty.

- Stone Pot Special Spare Ribs
This dish is served using Tibet's natural volcanic rock carved stone pot. The taste is quite nice and the ribs are tender enough.

OK dishes to try:
- Fried Dumpling
This dumpling is tasty but a bit oily. Inside the dumpling have a soup like Xiao Long Bao.

- Long Bean
Just like a normal long bean dish that served in other Chinese restaurant.

NOT WORTH dishes to try:
- Baked Prawn with Salt and Pepper
This dish is super-duper salty.

- Hot & Sour Soup.
This Soup is very not nice. I believed it's because they put too much vinegar into it. It's like you drink vinegar instead of soup.

 Fragrant & Spicy Grilled Fish S$26.00

Fried Dumpling

Long Bean

Baked Prawn with Salt and Pepper S$16.00
Stone Pot Special Spare Ribs S$22.00

Hot and Sour Soup S$8.00
San Guo Grilled Fish Interior
Name: San Guo Grilled Fish
Address: 273 Geylang Road
Nearest MRT: Kallang MRT

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Puff Girl

Craving for a nice and sweet puff? You might want to try Puff Girl at Tampines Mall.

Puff Girl sells many types and flavours of Japanese puff. Their puff design is very unique too.
I tried Japanese Mochi Strawberry Puff, Japanese Mochi Matcha Red Bean, Strawberry Puff Daddies, Kiwi Puff Daddies.

Their puff filled with fresh milk cream, sponge cake, flavoured cream and fruits.

I guess their Japanese Mochi Strawberry Puff and Japanese Mochi Matcha Red Bean are their best creations.

Not only good looking, their puff` taste is also very nice. The milk cream is sweet and the fruits are fresh.

My favourites puff in Puff Girl is Japanese Mochi Strawberry Puff.

Japanese Mochi Strawberry Puff & Japanese Mochi Matcha Red Bean

Japanese Mochi Strawberry Puff S$3.50

Japanese Mochi Matcha Red Bean S$3.50

Strawberry Puff Daddies

Kiwi Puff Daddies

Puff Girl Interior
Name: Puff Girl
Address: 10 Tampines Cenral 1 #B1-K5
Nearest MRT: Tampines MRT
Opening Hours
Daily: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

Thursday 1 November 2012

OldTown White Coffee

Hello Guys!!!

Today I want to share one cool restaurant to take your brunch. It called OldTown White Coffee.

Yup, based on the name, it sells all special foods from Ipoh, Malaysia.

We tried their signature dishes, such as Kaya & Butter Toast, OldTown Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun, and Steam Rice with Mushroom & Chicken.

OldTown Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun is very tasty. The soup has rich of flavour and the shrimps are fresh.

Steam Rice with Mushroom & Chicken is also nice. Although we need to wait around 15-20 minutes, it's worth the time. The steam rice is very hot. The chicken is tender, juicy and the portion is quite big.

Actually I am a bit disappointed with their Kaya & Butter Toast. It's just because the toast looks is totally different with their picture in the menu. But for the taste wise, it’s nice.

Visiting OldTown White Coffee will not be complete without trying their OldTown White Coffee. I believe this coffee is their most recommended beverage. It's reflected with this restaurant name.

This white coffee is very nice. Although I am not a coffee lover, I like this coffee very much.

Overall, I am very satisfied having my brunch over there. 

Nice food and affordable price makes this restaurant really worth to try.

Kaya & Butter Toast (Double) S$2.30

OldTown Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun S$6.90

 OldTown White Coffee S$2.20
Steam Rice with Mushroom & Chicken S$8.20
OldTown White Coffee Interior 

Name: OldTown White Coffee
Address: #1-01/02/26/27/28/29/45/46 Square 2 10 Sinaran Drive
Nearest MRT: Novena MRT
Operating Hours
Daily: 8:00AM - 10:00PM