Monday 25 November 2013

Bakpao Laviva

Happy Monday, Guys!!! For today’ post, I will share with you some “cute” bao!!!

Since I’m basically out of job for these three months (which also means I’m VERY free),  beside stay at home and take care of my lovely mother, my other “main job” is google-ing and finding either new or special or fun foods which can be delivered to home =P

Thanks to the power of Google, I can find Bakpao Laviva. I’m so proud of myself happy that I can find this gem in my home town.

After went through their website, I’m so amazed with their creativity. Those bakpao are very cute. They offer quite many option of animal and cartoon character bakpao. I believe that their bakpao will make you drooling.

Without hesitation, I chatted with Bakpao Laviva via whatsapp and ordered 10 pieces of cartoon character bakpao. FYI, 10 pieces are the minimum quantity to order. You can choose any character and flavour filling from their website. The price for each bakpao is IDR15.000 (S$1.80). The total that I spent is IDR170.000 (include IDR20.000 delivery fee).

All Bakpao that I ordered were Cartoon Character Bakpao. I ordered Pandapple, Hamtaro, Pooh, My Melody, Angry Bird, Eeyore, Hello Kitty, Piglet, Pikachu and Rilakkuma bakpao. For the flavour filling, I ordered Chicken Chasiu, Black Soy Sauce Chicken, Chocolate, Chocolate & Cheese and Strawberry & Cheese.

The bakpao’ details are surprisingly awesome; It’s very similar with the cartoon character in TV. The fillings were generously given. It was so many portions of chocolate, chicken, strawberry and cheese inside the bakpao.

The most important is the taste is so delicious. They claimed that they use food coloring which is safe and these bakpao are halal.

I recommend you to try their Bakpao. It worth to try and I believed if you give these bakpao for your love one, they will be very happy.

For the details about these bakpao, you may visit their website: Bakpao Laviva.




My Melody

Angry Bird


Hello Kitty



Name: Bakpao Laviva
Handphone No.: 0856-888-2739
Location: Jakarta - Indonesia 


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