Friday 20 July 2012

Tong Heng

I love Friday night most (if not required me to do OT, of course). On this time, I and my colleagues love to hunt new hang out place. Last week, we went to Tong Heng @ China Town.

Heard about Tong Heng from newspaper and decided to try their cakes.

Tong Heng sells quite lot varieties of Chinese cake. We tried Egg Tart, Coconut Egg Tart, Dragon Phoenix Cake, Curry Chicken Crisp and Kaya Omelette Toast Dessert.

I was impressed with their Coconut Egg Tart. It is very nice and has a sweet taste from the coconut. The texture of their egg tart is really soft.

My colleague says that the Curry Chicken Crisp over there is better than the curry puff from Old Chang Kee. But for me, the Old Chang Kee one is better =P

Their Kaya Omelette Toast Dessert is a quite unique. They put Kaya on top of the Omelettes. This dessert is best when you eat it hot, it’s crispier.

Be sure to try their Coconut Egg Tart when you are around China Town!!

Happy eating!!

PS: Kaya is a delectable local jam that is made from eggs, coconut milk, and sugar and flavoured by the unique pandan leaves

Egg Tart S$1.40, Coconut Egg Tart S$1.50, Dragon Phoenix Cake S$3.20

Kaya Omelette Toast Dessert S$2.50

Curry Chicken Crisp S$1.30

Tong Heng

Name: Tong Heng
Address: 285 South Bridge Road
Nearest MRT: ChinaTown MRT

Opening Hours
Daily: 9:00AM - 10:00PM


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