Thursday 23 May 2013

Indonesia's Old Kue (Part 2)

Happy Vesak Day to everyone who celebrates it!!! And Happy Long Weekend for all my readers!!!!

Today I will share with you some of Indonesia's traditional kue and snack.

This is the second series of Jakarta’s version of ‘old kue’. You can see first series over here: Indonesia's Old Kue (Part 1). You also can see the Jakarta’s gulali over here: Gulali

Happily and proudly presents the Jakarta’s “lost and found” so-called traditional kueh

Kue Lumpur
This kue is made from coconut milk, wheat and potato. Usually they put raisin and a slice of coconut

Kue Bikang
It’s also a traditional cake from Indonesia

Kue cucur
It’s a traditional cake from Indonesia

Kue Wajik Jawa
It’s made with sticky rice

Kue Hunkwe Cokelat isi Pisang
 This kue is filled with slices of banana

Kerupuk Opak
It’s a crackers made from cassava

Assorted Indonesian Fritters

Pisang Molen
a.k.a banana fritters

It’s a cake made from sticky rice and they put small peanut into it

Kue Wajik Betawi
It’s a traditional cake from Indonesia

Kue Pukis
Traditionally, they put chocolate or cheese on the top of the cake

Kue Apem
It’s a traditional cake from Indonesia

Gulali Harum Manis
It’s a cotton candy

Kue Cente Manis
Is a traditional cake from Indonesia

a.k.a Croquette
Made from potato and they put meat as the filling

Is a traditional fermented cassava

Kue cubit
It's a common cake in Indonesia. This is a favourite cake among children

Kue Ape
It’s a traditional cake from Indonesia
The green colour kue ape is made from pandan leaf

Kue Laba-laba
It looks like a spider web, it’s crunchy and sweet

Kue cubit setengah matang (half done)
It's a same variant with the kue cubit. The only difference is this cake is half cooked
 Kue leker
It's crispy and sweet

Otak-otak Bulat
This is a favourite snack among student (include me, of course)

Kue Ku
Simillar like Ang Ku Kueh but have different filling

Kue dadar gulung
They put coconut as the filling
Tape Ketan Uli Betawi
Tape Ketan is sweet fermented black glutinous rice. Uli is the white glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk and wrapped into banana leaves

Lumpia Pisang Cokelat
This snacks uses spring roll skin to cover the banana before they fried it. Usually they also put chocolate inside. It’s just a spring roll with banana-chocolate inside

Lumpia Tape
It’s another version of Lumpia Pisang Cokelat. The only difference is it contains Tape instead of banana

Gabin goreng isi tape
It’s a fried crackers or biscuit that contain tape as a filling

Bolu Kukus Kura-kura
It’s a turtle shape sponge cake

Bolu Kukus Beruang
It’s a bear shape sponge cake

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