Friday 27 June 2014

Happy eating with maximum $5 at M.Mohamad Ismail Shenton Way Mee Stall

Looking for an authentic nasi briyani around Bedok Reservoir area? You may try nasi biryani chicken at M.Mohamad Ismail Shenton Way Mee Stall. This stall is located at the same hawker centre like the wanton noodle stall that I had posted last week.

I claimed this nasi biryani chicken as an authentic version (even though I didn't know the true authentic one :p) because from the taste itself I could taste the richness of the ingredients that they put in this nasi biryani chicken. The taste was similar like nasi biryani chicken which I had tried the first time at Little India area during the trip I took when I was a teenager.

Nowadays, it's quite difficult to find nasi biryani chicken with that kind of taste. Luckily, I find one at this place. 

I like this very much. The chicken is tender and the red sauce is tasty.

Will I go there again? Yes

Nasi Briyani Chicken S$4.50

M.Mohamad Ismail Shenton Way Mee Stall Interior
Name: M.Mohamad Ismail Shenton Way Mee Stall
Address: 151 Bedok Reservoir #01
Nearest MRT: Eunos MRT

Wednesday 25 June 2014

The Little Fish Shop

Feeling hungry but don't want to join long queue during lunch/dinner time on NEX Mall? You may try your luck by visiting The Little Fish Shop. I believed you will have a higher chance not to have long queue compared with other restaurants around there.  You don't believe me? I have been to NEX before and ended up eating at this place because of the long queue at other restaurants.

Maybe you are all wondering, "don't have long queue..It means the food is not good". Sorry, you are wrong. The foods are delicious and seafood are fresh.

We try Pan Seared Barramundi and Spaghetti Vongole.

Pan Seared Barramundi is delicious and the Barramundi fish is fresh. The sauce makes perfect combination to eat.

Spaghetti Vongole contains of spaghetti with fresh Crabmeat and Clams in a white Wine Garlic sauce. The taste is ok.

Personally, I prefer Pan Seared Barramundi than Spaghetti Vongole. Since this restaurant is specialized in seafood, it's better to order the seafood than other foods (spaghetti, etc).

My only comment on this restaurant is that they should provide clean and new tissue to put on the table. They also need to change the tissue regularly even though there is no one sitting on the chair.  It's because in my table, I find the dusty and dirty tissue.

Will I go there again? Maybe yes.

Pan Seared Barramundi S$19.95

Spaghetti Vongole S$17.95

The Little Fish Shop Interior
Name: The Little Fish Shop
Address: 23 Serangoon Central #04-15/16
Nearest MRT: Serangoon MRT

Friday 20 June 2014

Happy eating with maximum $5 at Wanton Noodle stall (Read this to find out about the shop name)

Yeah finally it's Friday.  For this week's Happy Eating with maximum S$5 topic, I will show you one unique stall that sells delicious wanton noodle that will make you drool and drool again.

Why do I say this stall is unique? It’s because of their name. Although the stall name is Teck Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice, they don't sell chicken rice at all. Instead, they sell wanton noodle, lor mee and prawn noodle. Unique right?

Curios why it's like that? Ok, I will tell you the whole story behind this unique name. Teck Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice was belong to the previous seller who sold chicken rice. After a few years, Teck Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice didn't continue to run the business here.  So this stall is occuped by the new seller and they are selling wanton noodle.

Although the seller is already changed and they sell different type of foods, I don't know why the new seller never replaces the old sign name with the new one. Until today, the new seller still use the old stall signboard.

Anyway, I don't realize about this until I start writing this post. Luckily my sister's colleague knows about this story, so I don't give you wrong information :)

Now the only problem is neither me or my sister's colleague knows the real name of this wanton noodle stall. But don't worry, I will provide the stall address and the old signboard name so you can easily find this stall.

Ok, now let's back to the review.

Over there, I and my sister try dry wanton noodle, dry wanton lau shu fen and dumpling.

Just for your information, these dishes are a dark brown version of wanton noodle and wanton lau shu fen. I believed it's quite hard to find dark brown version in Singapore. But please forgive for my ignorance if the dark brown version is common in Singapore :)

Even though we order the dry one, these dishes are not too dry. It's because they put quite a lot of dark brown sauce into it. So, you will be able to mix the noodle and lau shu fen properly to make the taste even better. We like these dishes so much. It's very tasty.

Guess how much does it cost? S$2.50 for wanton noodle/lau shu fen and 50cents for big dumpling.  Cheap right?  The only challenging part is that this stall is not located near MRT station.

Will I go there again? Absolutely yes.

Dry wanton lau shu fen with dumpling S$3.00 

Dry wanton noodle with dumpling S$3.00 


Wanton Noodle stall

Name (previous signboard stall): Teck Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice
Address: 151 Bedok Reservoir #01-1735
Nearest MRT: Eunos MRT

Closed on Sunday.

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Kue Rangi

As a promise to my cousin, today I will show you a delicious traditional Indonesian cake named kue rangi.

Kue rangi is made from coconut. The seller bakes it. After baking, he put brown sugar sauce on the top of the baked coconut.

Kue Rangi

This cake is delicious and best to eat when it's still hot because when it turns cold, this cake is not crunchy anymore.

Nowadays, it's quite difficult to find this kue rangi. In order to find this kue rangi, I need to ask other traditional cake seller if they have kue rangi seller's contact number. Luckily, one of the seller that I ask, knows kue rangi seller's contact number. In the end, I call the seller and eat this kue rangi happily.

Below are some pictures for the making of Kue Rangi.

Kue Rangi seller

Monday 16 June 2014

Tea Tree Cafe

Have you ever imagined the fertile plant soil is edible for us and have delicious taste? This soil is fertile enough to grow from the seeds to a small leaf. I try eating it before and I agree that the taste is delicious. Do you believe me? You may see below image as a prove.
Hehehe, let's stop my nonsense and start the review.  This is actually a dessert that looks like a plant in a small pot. I find this desserts at Tea Tree Café - NEX Mall.

The soil is made from ice cream, jelly, candy which can blow in your mouth and oreo on the top.
It's very tasty and for sure you will crave for a second one.

Will I go there again? Yes.

Tea Tree Oreo S$4.90

Tea Tree Café Interior
Name: Tea Tree Cafe
Address: #B2-52 NEX Mall
Nearest MRT: Serangoon MRT

Friday 13 June 2014

Happy eating with maximum $5 at Pondok Pantai Timur

Starting from today, my blog will have a new topic: “Happy eating with maximum $5 in Singapore”.

The idea behind this new topic is to provide you with some information about “where to find delicious foods with affordable price (max $5) in Singapore”.

You may expect to see this topic every Friday night. So be sure not to miss it.

For the first article on this new topic, I will review about a delicious nasi ayam penyet at Ubi area. The name of this shop is Pondok Pantai Timur. They claimed that their ayam penyet is famous in Changi Village. FYI, this is a Halal food stall.

My sister told me about this shop around 2 years ago when we lived nearby this place, but I didn't have time to go there. Finally after so long, I managed to visit Pondok Pantai Timur last week. The funny thing is, when I live nearby, I don't have time to go there. Now when I stay at Punggol, I purposely spare a time to visit that place.

Let’s start the review:
One set of ayam penyet (smashed chicken) dish consists of rice, Ayam penyet, fried tofu, some types of vegetables, chili and soup.

This ayam penyet is tender and so delicious. The rice is also tasty and the chili is spicy enough. The most important things is that the price is only $5.

Since this place is not near MRT station, it’s better to call first to check whether they open or not. Because based on my experience, they sometimes close the stall in their normal operating hours.

Will I go there again? Yes, of course.  

 Ayam Penyet S$5

Pondok Pantai Timur stall

Name: Pondok Pantai Timur
Address: Blk. 301 Ubi Avenue 1
Nearest MRT: Eunos MRT
Contact No.: +65 9476 0220

Opening Hours
Monday-Friday: 08:30AM - 08:30PM
Saturday: 08:30AM - 05:00PM
Sunday: closed

Monday 9 June 2014

Han Geun Doo Geun

Good news for all Korean food lovers in Singapore. There is one delicious Korean buffet restaurant in ChinaTown Point named Han Geun Doo Geun.

This restaurant is worthed to try because of the foods are delicious and the price is affordable. The service quality is also good.

Han Geun Doo Geun offers wide range of barbeque meats and a-la carte Korean foods buffet that you will not want to miss it.

The barbeque meats that they provide are:
- Bulgogi. It is seasoned sliced beef cuisine.
- Tteok Galbi. It is a minced beef rib meat seasoned with garlic and soy sauce.
- Chadolbagi. It is a thinly sliced rare part of beef brisket.
- Galbisal. It is a boneless beef short rib.
- Yangnyeom galbisal. It is a marinated boneless beef short rib with soy sauce seasoning.
- Samgyeopsal. It is a sliced pork belly.
- Dwaeji Bulgogi. It is a pork in soy sauce marinated.
- Samgyeopsal. It is a sliced pork belly.
- Moksal. It is a pork shoulder-loin.
- Dwaeji Galbi. It is a preserved pork prime-rib with bone with soy sauce seasoning.
- Sunhan dak bulgogi. It is a marinated sliced chicken with soy sauce seasoning.
- Maeun dak bulgogi. It is a marinated sliced chicken in hot and spicy sauce.
- Chuncheon dak galbi. It is a famous spicy grilled chicken.



Some of the a-la carte Korean food buffet that we try are:
- Samgye tang. It is a Korean ginseng chicken soup.

- Kimchi jeongol. It is a ripened kimchi, pork, bean curd, rice cake, noodle and few kinds of vegetable. This dish is boiled in a large pot dish.

- Gun Mandu. It is a fried Korean dumpling.

- Gyeran-mari. It is a rolled omelette mixed with chopped vegetables and rolled up.

- Kimchi jeon. It is a Korean pancake made with finely chopped kimchi and squid.

- Haemul Pajeon. It is Korean pancake made with spring onion finely chopped kimchi and squid.

- Godeung-eo gui. It is a grilled mackerel fish.

- Gyeran Jjim. It is a Korean steamed egg.

- Saengseon Jeon. It is a Korean pancake made with cake

Maybe you might not be able to try all of the a-la carte dishes, so these are my recommendation for you. You MUST try Samgye tang, Kimchi jeongol, Kimchi jeon, Godeung-eo gui and Gyeran-mari

Btw, the queue is very long especially during dinner time. So it's better to make reservation first before coming.

Will I go there again? absolutely YES.

Side dishes
Han Geun Doo Geun Interior
Name: Han Geun Doo Geun
Address: Chinatown Point #02-35
Nearest MRT Station: ChinaTown MRT
Opening Hours
Daily: 11:30AM - 03:00PM, 5:30PM - 10:00PM
Lunch:  S$19.90++ (child), S$24.90++ (adult)
Dinner: S$29.90++ (child), S$34.90++ (adult)