Monday 17 September 2012


“I love chocolate, oh yes I do.
Eating chocolate is a must too.
I love chocolate, how about you?”

Good news for Chocolate lovers!!

Boxup offers many varieties of chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth.

FYI, Boxup is a chocolate subscription service that will deliver a lot of varieties of nice chocolate right to your doorstep every month. The system is similar like magazine subscription.

1 box contains of 9 chocolates, such as Good Night, Cream Cheese, Flamme Blanc, Raspberry Truffle, Miele, Exquisite and Basil.

Good night chocolate
Consists of dark Sesame paste in milk Ganache.
Cream Cheese chocolate
Consists of Walnut and Sultanas in French cream Cheese.

Flamme Blanc
Consists of Almond Gianduja.

Raspberry Truffle
Consists of white Ganache with fresh Raspberry.

Consists of white Ganache with Honey.

Consists of dark bitter sweet Ganache with high Cocoa content.

Consists of bitter sweet Ganache with Basil spice.

My favourites would be Cream Cheese and Raspberry Truffle. The Cream Cheese is very nice. The Raspberry is fresh and a bit sour.

The price of one box is $10.00 (include the delivery charge).

They are planning to change the price with a new packaging at $19.90 (exclude the delivery charge). They separate the delivery charge to allow for office delivery and neighbours to share the delivery charge, since office delivery is charge one time per location, it would be cheaper to separate it rather than include and give "free delivery".

Currently, Boxup is working to bring some of the famous chocolate brand into their business, like:
- Amedei from Italy
- Venchi from Italy
- Domori from Italy
- Valrhona from France
- Michel Cluizel from France
- Bonnat from France
- Pralus from France
- Dolfin from Belgium
- Amano from USA

For more other information, you may visit their website

Many thanks to David Tan for giving me the opportunity to review and enjoy the wonderful taste of Boxup’s chocolate.



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