Thursday 14 November 2013


“Cel..Pecel..Cel..Pecel.” it’s a word that yelled by a lady (so-called Pecel seller) in the middle of the hot-busy day in Jakarta.

FYI, Pecel is an Indonesian food which combines Indonesian an authentic peanut sauce (the combination between chili, peanuts, tamarind and coconut sugar) with some boiled vegetables.

The Pecel seller (usually a middle-aged lady) will walk with her slipper; and carry two different types of straw basket. First basket, it contains the vegetables with all the ingredients, she will hold it on top of their head. And the second basket which she holds on her back contains plates, fork and spoon. Don’t forget that on top of that, the seller still need to shout to inform their customer that she is coming.

You may consider Pecel as a traditional Indonesian food. Nowadays, it's only a few Pecel sellers found in Jakarta. I think it's because this food cannot compete with Western foods.

I truly hope that Pecel will not extinct in near future. So please help to support by eat more Pecel from now on :)

Boiled Vegetables, Fritters, Noodles and Pecel ingredients


Pecel Seller

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  1. I miss pecel so much. I forgot to eat it while i was there. Please tell the seller to not stop selling pecel until i get back.


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