Monday 2 December 2013

Jamu Gendong

Today I want to share with you about a Jamu seller who is selling Jamu Gendong in Indonesia.
Jamu is a famous traditional herbal medicine in Indonesia. Many older generation of Indonesian people are used to drink Jamu. They says Jamu makes their body healthy and the price is cheap. They also believe jamu can cure some illnesses.
A long time ago, Jamu seller carried the jamu bottles on their back. This kind of jamu seller named their jamu as "Jamu Gendong".
Nowadays, most of them use bicycle to bring jamu. They are no longer carrying their jamu, perhaps because carrying jamu is very troublesome and riding bicycle can reach further distance. Because of that, it's really difficult to find Jamu Gendong. How lucky I am.  I can still find it :)
As I never drink jamu before, I have no idea what jamu I will order. I just tell mbo Jamu (Indonesian people called jamu seller as mbo Jamu) that I am ok with any Jamu as long as it isn't bitter. So she gives me Jamu that is made from Kunyit mixed with Beras Kencur. FYI, Kunyit is Turmeric and Beras Kencur is made from rice (beras) and resurrection lily (kencur).
When she gives me a glass of jamu, I am a little bit worried that I don't like that Jamu. Unexpectedly, the jamu that I drink is quite tasty. My body feels warm after I drink jamu Kunyit - Beras Kencur. I like it so much.
If you never try Jamu before, I suggest you to try at least one times. I am afraid in a near future that it will be more difficult to find Jamu seller. It's because most of the younger generation of Indonesian people are not used to drink Jamu anymore.

Jamu Kunyit Beras Kencur IDR3.000 

Mbo Jamu


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