Tuesday 26 November 2013

La Piazza Street Food Festival (November 21 - December 1, 2013)

Good news for all food lovers in Jakarta, especially who stay at Kelapa Gading area. From November 21 -  December 1, 2013, La Piazza has "Street Food Festival" event. This food event allows you to try famous foods from local and international foods in one place, "La Piazza". You can save your time and most importantly transport fee :)

You may found many local famous street food stalls, such as:
- Es Campur Jelly Pluit Sakti
- Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih
- Sate Ayam Madura Blok S
- Bageur Bandung
- Es Duren Sakinah
- Martabak Medan Pluit Sakti
- Soto Mie Theresia
- Sate Sapi Pak Kempleng and many more.

There are also international famous foods, such as:
- Old Chang Kee
- Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack
- Sushi Tei
- Karokun Yakitori
- Chicken Briyani By Front Page
- Taco, Burito & Churros by Taco Truck and many more.

Please note that they are not accepting real money. In order to pay, you need to buy a e-Money card with minimum value is IDR100.000 and you may tap your e-Money like MRT card & they will deduct the value inside your e-Money accordingly.

I and Kezia tried Es Buah from Es Campur Jelly Pluit Sakti, Duren, Kelapa & Alpukat from Es Duren Sakinah, Sate Sapi from Sate Sapi Pak Kempleng, Beef Burrito Box from Taco, Burito & Churros by Taco Truck and Ice Cream Roti Goreng.

Es Buah is a fruit with ice and syrup. The fruits are fresh and have a sweet taste. It's very refreshing. You should eat this Es Buah in a hot weather.
Es Buah IDR25.000

Duren, Kelapa & Alpukat is a Durian, Coconut and Avocado put altogether in a small bowl and mix with condensed milk. They use Medan Durian. The durian taste is so sweet and yummy.
Duren, Kelapa & Alpukat IDR15.000

Sate Sapi is a Beef satay. Normally, beef satay is not tender as chicken satay. But, not this beef satay. The beef is extremely tender. It's so delicious.

Sate Sapi IDR12.000

Beef Burrito Box from Taco, Burito & Churros by Taco Truck consists of red bean, beef, rice, lettuce and onion.  All ingredients are wrapped in flour or corn tortilla. Burrito is a Mexican American food and definitely a healthy food. 

Beef Burrito Box IDR35.000

Ice Cream Roti Goreng is a Fried Bread with ice cream fillings. They fry the bread with margarine. After the bread becomes crispy, they put ice cream and sprinkles. Nowadays, it's difficult to find this kind of snack.

Ice Cream Roti Goreng IDR13.000

Below is the way to make Roti Goreng

Btw our math calculation are excellent :p The total of all the foods that we tried was exactly IDR100.000.

Overall, visiting this Street Food Festival was a great weekend for us :)



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