Saturday 30 March 2013


Happy Saturday, guys!! How’s your long weekend? Hopefully as fruitful as mine =P

Anyway, just want to share with you another nice Japanese restaurant named Hoshigaoka.

Thanks to my cousin, Vinny, to introduced this nice and affordable Japanese restaurant to me.

This restaurant can be found at Woodlands Civic Centre.
Over there we ordered Katsu Don, Katsumi Udon and Sukiyaki.

Katsu Don contains of pork cutlet with egg and onions on a bed of rice. The pork cutlet is crispy.

Katsuni Udon is a pork cutlet with udon. It’s not bad either.

Sukiyaki contains of sliced beef with mixed vegetables and sauce. I believed this is the most worth of prize compare with Katsu Don and Katsuni Don. The soup is tasty and the beef is fresh.

Since my cousin is one of the cake lovers, we also ordered 2 types of cake: Green Tea Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup and Warm Apple Pie with Matcha Ice Cream.

Green Tea Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup taste a bit bitter (from the Green Tea), but I like it.

WARNING: Don’t bite Chocolate Cup to crack into small pieces. It’s quite hard. It’s better to use spoon.

My cousin doesn’t like bitter, so she likes the Warm Apple Pie with Matcha Ice Cream more than Green Tea Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup.

The Apple Pie is indeed warm. I believed it’s fresh from the oven.  The combination between warm apple pie and cold Matcha ice cream is sweet and a great dessert.


Sukiyaki set S$13.80
Katsu Don S$9.00
Katsumi Udon S$12.80
Green Tea Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup S$6.50

Warm Apple Pie with Matcha Ice Cream $6.50

Hoshigaoka Interior

Name: Hoshigaoka
Address: Woodlands Civic Centre #02-05
Nearest MRT: Woodlands MRT
Opening Hours
Daily: 11:00AM - 10:30PM


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