Thursday 3 May 2012

Gourmet Burger Bonanza @ Swensen

Fabulous News!! Swensen’s introduce special dishes called Gourmet Burger Bonanza - 6 tasty Mini Burger served on a toasted ciabatta bun with a range of homemade sauce and fresh toppings.

FYI! If you see from their webpage, this offers only available from 9 March – 30 April 2012.

But, do not worries, up to today, they still serve this special dishes. You may call the outlets to confirm before you make the trip over there.

Each set comes with fresh Mesclun Salad, Swensen’s signature U.S. fries and any two burgers of your own choice. And it will cost you S$12.90 (before any tax include, of course). Oh ya, and as for the burgers, you can choose from these options: Turkey, Chicken, Prawn, Beef, Crab or Lamb.

You may top up their soup of the day by adding S$2.50 and vanilla milkshake by adding another S$3.50. You must try their Vanilla Milkshake. It's really nice.

When we placed our order, the Waiter told us that the best sellers of the burgers are the Prawn and the Crab.

So, we just ordered two sets which contain Prawn, Crab, Turkey and Chicken burgers. Even though the burger is “super small”, the tastes are nice! For me, I love the prawn and the turkey burger most. But, different people will have different taste =)

Crab Burger with Honey Mustard Sauce & Prawn Peach Salsa Burger

Spicy Chicken Burger & Turkey and Tomato Salsa Burger

Spicy Chicken Burger
A mouthwatering breaded chicken prepared with our secret batter recipe and drizzled with spicy honey sauce 

Prawn Peach Salsa Burger
An amazing breaded prawn patty crispy on the outside and incredibly juicy inside, topped off with a hearty dollop of unique apricot sauce and peach salsa

Turkey and Tomato Salsa Burger
A healthy alternative of moist turkey patty smothered with delicious tomato salsa and thousand island dressing

Crab Burger with Honey Mustard Sauce
Premium fresh crab patty cooked to perfection with a generous dose of honey mustard sauce

Soup of the day & Vanilla Milkshake


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