Wednesday 23 January 2013

Southwest Tavern

As promised in my last post, today’s post is about restaurant in Singapore.

I choose to review one special cowboy themed restaurant, called Southwest Tavern as for the starter.

Last Friday, I was invited to review Southwest Tavern. Reached there, I was surprise with their restaurant decorations. It is so damn fanCOWStic. Love the vintage, comfy and cosy country feeling.

Over there, they served Bloomin`s Onion, Bacon wrapped Tenderloin, Grilled US corn-feed pork chops, Beer Butt Sakura Chicken, Chicken Sausages, Suicide Wings, Southwest Puppies and cake.

Suicide Wings is a “star” dish on Southwest Tavern restaurant. If you are wondering why they called it "Suicide Wings", it’s because this chicken is super duper hot (spicy). For the spicy lover, you MUST try this star dish.

FYI! For the spice recipe, they use Jolokia as a chili ingredient. Jolokia is a chili pepper which previously recognized by Guinness World Records as the hottest pepper in the world, it is 10,000 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.

I tried a very small piece of this Suicide Wings and you know what, I SURRENDER. It was toooooo spicy; it made my tears dropped without even me realized it and my stomach felt so hot.

Beware: If you cannot take any spicy food, I would never recommend you to finish this dish ALONE. If you still dare, I could only say “My Condolence” :P

Bloomin`s Onion is a one large onion which is cut to resemble a blooming flower before they fried it. This Bloomin`s Onion is crispy and surprisingly not oily.

Bacon wrapped tenderloin and Grilled US corn-feed pork chops are also nice. Both meat are tender and have a delicious smoked flavour.

Beer Butt Sakura Chicken is another speciality dishes over there. It called "Beer Butt Chicken" because they put half can of beer into Chicken butt.

This cooking’s technique to roast a chicken in the oven / grill is just brilliant. It makes the chicken’s meet become so tender (the breast meat is become the same tender level as a thigh meat) and have a crispy skin.

Don't worry; you will not get drunk after eating Beer Butt Sakura Chicken.

Southwest Tavern’s Chicken Sausages, Southwest Puppies and the cake (which is similar with Chocolate Lava Cake) are also very nice.

Currently, Southwest Puppies and the cake are not available in the menu. I believed they will launch to sell those near in the future.

Over there, they have a challenge called "The Death Wings Challenge". To win this challenge, you need to finish 6 pieces of Suicide Wings and a pint of beer / soft drink in 15 minutes. If you win, both Suicide Wings and a pint of beer / soft drink will be on house.

Thanks to the Southwest Tavern’s management for the opportunity reviewing this awesome restaurant. It is just a great place for gathering and hang out on Friday or weekend night with friends or families. 

Bloomin` Onion S$12

Bacon wrapped Tenderloin and Grilled US corn-feed pork chops

Bacon wrapped Tenderloin
Beer Butt Sakura Chicken S$22

Chicken Sausages S$7 each
Suicide Wings S$18 per portion (6 pieces)

Southwest Puppies

Southwest Tavern Interior


Below photos is dedicated to a brave man who dare to try Suicide Wings. Salute to you, bro!

Name: Southwest Tavern
Address: 8 Boon Lay way -  Tradehub 21  #01-33
Nearest MRT: Jurong East MRT. You need to take bus no: 105 for 7 stops
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 11:00AM - 12:00AM
Saturday - Sunday: 3:00PM - 12:00AM


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