Tuesday 17 April 2012

Menya Musashi

As you all know, me and my colleagues LOVE to hang out and try different type of foods available in Singapore. So, last week, one of my colleagues, saw this big advertisement (from newspaper) that there is one new Ramen Restaurant open at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

Make it short, on last Friday evening, we all decided to have dinner at that new Ramen Restaurant, called Menya Musashi.

Maybe because it is a new restaurant (they just opened in Singapore early of April 2012), they are many people’s interested to try.  When we reach there, we quite surprise to see the queue. The restaurant was very crowded and the queue was quite long!!!!

We are waited for around 20 minutes just to get our seats. Good advice for you all: just call and make reservation first before you go there.

This restaurant offers 7 different types of ramen which can categorize into 4 groups. They are: Black Ramen, White Ramen, Red Ramen and Tsukemen Ramen.

Black, White and Red Ramen itself has 2 different types. They differentiate by its meat: Kakuni or Chasu.

FYI, they have promo if you ordering the Tsukemen Ramen. You can top-up your noodle up to 5 times. 

Here are our orders:

1. Black Kakuni RamenInterested with black soup, I ordered this one. This ramen consist of tender and juicy braised pork which complements the soup base made with fermented onion and crushed garlic that has been fried to a deep dark colour that gives the soup its signature black colour. This dish also has the most robust flavour on the menu.

2. White Cha Shu Ramen The chashu is made of pork belly which is marinated in soy sauce and creamy soup base which comprises mostly pork broth and fish broth.

3. Red Kakuni Ramen This ramen was created especially for the Singapore store to cater to the local preference for all things spicy. With tender and juicy braised pork and the pork broth contains many types of spices which are blended to form the unique taste of the dish.

4. Tsukemen Ramen In this dish, the broth is served separately from the noodles, which are then dipped and eaten. The noodles are chewy, springy and curly, which serves to soak up more of the delicious broth. They also offering up to five extra servings of noodles at no additional cost for every order of the Tsukemen Ramen.

Red Kakuni Ramen S$14.90

White Cha Shu Ramen S$12.90

Black Kakuni Ramen S$14.90

Black Tsukemen S$13.90

Menya Musashi's Interior

Name: Menya Musashi
Address: #01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Road
Opening Hours: 11:30AM - 10:00PM
Nearest MRT: City Hall MRT


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