Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter for all friends around the world.


Happy Saturday, guys!! How’s your long weekend? Hopefully as fruitful as mine =P

Anyway, just want to share with you another nice Japanese restaurant named Hoshigaoka.

Thanks to my cousin, Vinny, to introduced this nice and affordable Japanese restaurant to me.

This restaurant can be found at Woodlands Civic Centre.
Over there we ordered Katsu Don, Katsumi Udon and Sukiyaki.

Katsu Don contains of pork cutlet with egg and onions on a bed of rice. The pork cutlet is crispy.

Katsuni Udon is a pork cutlet with udon. It’s not bad either.

Sukiyaki contains of sliced beef with mixed vegetables and sauce. I believed this is the most worth of prize compare with Katsu Don and Katsuni Don. The soup is tasty and the beef is fresh.

Since my cousin is one of the cake lovers, we also ordered 2 types of cake: Green Tea Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup and Warm Apple Pie with Matcha Ice Cream.

Green Tea Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup taste a bit bitter (from the Green Tea), but I like it.

WARNING: Don’t bite Chocolate Cup to crack into small pieces. It’s quite hard. It’s better to use spoon.

My cousin doesn’t like bitter, so she likes the Warm Apple Pie with Matcha Ice Cream more than Green Tea Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup.

The Apple Pie is indeed warm. I believed it’s fresh from the oven.  The combination between warm apple pie and cold Matcha ice cream is sweet and a great dessert.


Sukiyaki set S$13.80
Katsu Don S$9.00
Katsumi Udon S$12.80
Green Tea Tiramisu in Chocolate Cup S$6.50

Warm Apple Pie with Matcha Ice Cream $6.50

Hoshigaoka Interior

Name: Hoshigaoka
Address: Woodlands Civic Centre #02-05
Nearest MRT: Woodlands MRT
Opening Hours
Daily: 11:00AM - 10:30PM

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Man bok BBQ

Today want to share with you another authentic Korean restaurant which located Tanjong Pagar area. It called Man Bok BBQ.

Reached there, I was quite surprise with the restaurant’s ambience. The restaurant’s space is not that big, but it’s quite comfy and the BBQ smell is not that strong. 

I believed, there is one thing that will attract young girls or even ladies, all the waiter over there are Korean. They will help you in cutting and barbequing the BBQ meat on your table.

Anyway, over there we decided to order Set B (pork) and a la carte – Kimchi Jeon. Each of us also ordered a bowl of plain rice.

Set B (pork) is suitable for 2-3 people. This set contains of 5mm of sliced pork belly, 2mm of sliced pork belly, marinated pork short rib and marinated chicken.

The pork bellies are crispy and the marinated pork rib is tender. The marinated chicken is tasty and juicy.

I like Kimchi Jeon most. Kimchi Jeon is a spicy Kimchi pancake. It was my first encounter with Kimchi Jeon and I like it. It's very very nice and crispy.

They used charcoal to barbeque the meat. And you need to ON the vacuum to suck the BBQ smell away. Over there they also gave a 8 types of Korean dishes and they all are free top up.

If you want to try Man Bok BBQ, I suggest you to make a reservation first. If not, you can prepare to go back with empty stomach since there will be BIG CHANCE that there is no space for you. It happens to me when I went there last year okay, haitz = (

Kimchi Jeon S$17.00

Set B (Pork) for 2-3 person S$46.00

Side dish

Man Bok BBQ interior

Name: Man Bok BBQ
Address: 63 Tanjong Pagar Road
Contact: +65 62219942
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar MRT
Opening Hours
Daily: 11:00AM - 12.00PM

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Tea Cosy

Hello Saturday!! Today let me share with you one vintage restaurant, named Tea Cosy restaurant.

Tea Cosy is a vintage themed restaurant located at Plaza Singapura that display vintage furniture and Ten Thousand Angels statues from around the worlds.

This restaurant is so unique; their victorian-vintage and cosy ambience makes them stand out from the surrounding restaurant around.   

Over there, we ordered their recommended dishes, such as Tea Cosy Signature Laksa Pasta and Ebony & Ivory and also a new menu called Bacon Chicken Wrap.

Bacon Chicken Wrap is a tender boneless chicken leg wrapped in streaky bacon, fried and grilled to perfection, served with homemade mashed potato and garden greens.

Tea Cosy Signature Laksa Pasta is a hot favourite. Set in authentic Laksa cream sauce with pan-grilled prawns.

Ebony & Ivory consists of delicious fudge brownies with premium vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and almond bits.

Overall, we love their dishes. Great food presentation and ‘of course’ the taste are nice as well. 

As for the beverage, we ordered Tea Cosy Minty Chocolate Coffee. This coffee is the best coffee I ever tried. I’m definitely not a coffee guy. So, black and bitter coffees are not my choice. But, their coffee is different. I love the combination between chocolate – coffee – mint flavours. This beverage is a MUST try if you got a chance to dine over there.

Bacon Chicken Wrap S$19.95

Tea Cosy Signature Laksa Pasta S$15.95

Ebony & Ivory S$8.95
Tea Cosy Minty Chocolate Coffee (a signature coffee creation) S$6.95

Tea Cosy Interior

Name: Tea Cosy
Address: Plaza Singapura - 68 Orchard Road #05-10 (Beside Spotlight)
Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut MRT
Opening Hours
Sunday - Thursday: 11:00AM - 9:30PM
Friday & Saturday: 11:00AM - 10:00PM

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Oriole Cafe + Bar

Hello Guys!!!

Share with you another restaurant that I had together with my office’s department. When you have farewell, you will have greeting / welcoming right?

Well, after we had farewell with one of our colleagues last year, we also had a welcoming celebration to our new colleague. With of course, my manager as the sole sponsor =)

This time round, I suggested Oriole Cafe + Bar. I saw many good comments on this café.

Over there, we ordered Fish & Chips, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Mushroom Tagliatelle Set Lunch, Pork Schnitzel Set Lunch and Beef Stew Set Lunch.

The set lunch comes with one bowl of soup of the day or Chicken and Asparagus. Set Lunch Promotion only available from Monday to Friday.

I told them that the recommended dishes over there are Fish & Chips and Jamaican Jerk Chicken.

Fish & Chips consists of Battered snapper fillets, hand cut chips, tartar sauce / malt vinegar.

Pork Schnitzel consists of Breaded Pork Loin, Hand-Cut Fries, and Apple Sauce.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken consists of Grilled Jerk-rub baby chicken, corn salsa, crispy onion rings.

Personally, I’m not that impress with the Fish and Chips. It’s just ordinary Fish and Chips, nothing so special about that. But my colleague told me that his Jamaican Jerk Chicken is very nice and the portion is a lot.

Other colleagues told me that theirs Beef Stew and Pork Schnitzel are okay.

My manager was not that impressed with his Mushroom Tagliatelle either. He still prefers the dishes he ate at the Chef Daniel Kitchen

Overall, their foods are okay. We are leaved the place happily and with big belly =P (okay maybe except me and my manager whose are not that happy with our choice of food).

If you are coffee lovers, you may try their coffee. Their coffees are very famous.

Anyway, Tomorrow is Friday. Yes!!! I simply love Friday, especially at 6:00 p.m. (and I LOVE weekend too of course)!!


Chicken and Asparagus
Walnuts, Olives, Basil Olive Oil

Fish & Chips S$19.00

Mushroom Tagliatelle Set Lunch S$18.00

Pork Schnitzel S$19.00

Jamaican Jerk Chicken S$20.00

Beef Stew Set Lunch S$20.00
Soup of the Day
Oriole Cafe + Bar Interior

Name: Oriole Cafe + Bar
Address: #01-01, 96 Somerset Road - Pan Pacific Serviced Suites
Nearest MRT: Somerset MRT
Opening Hours
Monday - Tuesday: 11:00AM - 11:00PM
Wednesday - Thursday: 11:00AM - 12:00PM
Friday - Saturday: 11:00AM - 1:00AM
Sunday: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Chef Daniel`s Kitchen

Last year my manager asked me to find a nice place for lunch to have a farewell with one of our colleague.
After browsing, I found Chef Daniel`s Kitchen restaurant. Without too much hesitation, I suggest this restaurant to my manager.
I know that Chef Daniel is very famous in Singapore. And I believed his dishes are top class dishes. FYI, most of the dishes over there are Chef Daniel Koh`s award-winning dishes.
Another plus point is, currently they are having set promo for their lunch menu.
I tried to convince my manager for having lunch over there and it was successful :P
Over there we ordered Pan-fried red mullet, Sirloin Steak, Beef Stew, Fettucini with seasonal mushrooms, Crispy Pork strips with homemade chili sauce, Sausage Platter (pepper, veal and 'cheese cracker') and soup of the day.
Pan-fried Red Mullet served with an Asian medley of Tianjing cabbage, lyonnaise potatoes, bacon and green peas.
Sirloin Steak (200g) served with roasted vegetables and red wine sauce.
Beef Stew in red wine sauce served with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables.
Fettuccini with seasonal mushrooms served with alfredo sauce and assorted mushrooms.
All the dishes that we tried are extremely nice, especially Pan-fried red mullet and Sirloin Steak. Those dishes are highly recommended!!!
My manager and colleagues are very satisfied with their dishes and they also like the restaurant’s ambience. Those dishes are really worth of “my boss” money!!!!
Too bad, the Chef Daniel`s Kitchen which is located at Level 7 of Bugis+ only open until on 3rd March 2013. Haitz!!
I am quite sad after heard the news. But at the same time, I also feel lucky that I have a chance to try his winning dishes before this restaurant close down.
I truly hope Chef Daniel will continue to share his great dishes with us in near future.

Pan-fried Red Mullet S$19.80

Sirloin Steak (200g) S$22.80
Beef Stew S$16.80
Fettucini with seasonal mushrooms S$16.80
Crispy Pork strips with homemade chili sauce S$10.00
Sausage Platter (pepper, veal and 'cheese cracker') S$12.00
Soup of the Day
Chef Daniel`s Kitchen Interior

Friday, 15 March 2013

Cafe Brio's

Last December, my bro in law booked some extra rooms at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel for the main family to stay overnight after the wedding. The booked room comes with free buffet breakfast at Café Brio's.

Café Brio's located in Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel basement floor. This Café serve different types of dishes, from Western to Asian.

Around there, you may found dim sum, omelette, salmon, assorted of bread and cakes, hash brown, ham, bacon, salad and many more.

For the omelette, you can mix and match the toppings (from ham, cheese and onion) to add inside the omelette. This dish got quite a lot suitor, since the queue is never empty.

For the drink, you MUST try their grapefruit juice. The taste is a bit sour but I heard that it’s very good for the health.  

Overall, the dishes were not bad and the ambience was good.

One thing I realised, they always top up the food. They were never left the plate empty.  Two thumbs up for them

Bacon and Egg
Hash brown

Porridge, Salad and Salmon


Ham and Salmon



Grapefruit Juice

Name: Cafe Brio's
Address: 392 Havelock Road - Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore