Tuesday 7 January 2014

Kerak Telor

Kerak Telor is the most popular Betawi snack in Indonesia. This snack is not only famous among Indonesian people but also famous among foreigners who ever visit Jakarta before.

It is commonly found at some food courts in shopping center, some famous places in Jakarta and some special events.

FYI,  Kerak Telor is made from glutinous rice cooked with egg and served with serundeng (fried shredded coconut), fried shallots and dried shrimps.

Kerak Telor seller uses charcoal to cook Kerak Telor.

Normally, Kerak Telor is made from either Duck egg or Chicken egg. Kerak Telor that uses Duck egg is more expensive because the taste is more savoury than the one from Chicken egg. But personally, I prefer Chicken egg because it is healthier than Duck egg.

I try this Kerak telor at Kampung Jajan Betawi La Piazza. It's very delicious and I like it so much.

Below are some pictures on the making of Kerak Telor.


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