Thursday 6 March 2014

Lontong CapGoMeh Rusmini

Today I will share with you another delicious and savory Indonesian dish named Lontong CapGomeh.

Lontong CapGomeh is a Chinese Peranakan Indonesian dish which takes on traditional Indonesian dishes.  During the old time, Lontong CapGomeh would be consumed by Peranakan Chinese peoples during Lantern Festival celebration.

Nowadays, Indonesian people treat Lontong CapGomeh as a common dish to eat every day for their breakfast or lunch.

Although this dish is served in most of the Indonesian restaurant, Lontong CapGomeh can also be considered as an Indonesian street food.

To reduce the cost of renting a place, some sellers take the initiative to use their own car to sell Lontong CapGomeh. One of the seller that I find is Lontong CapGomeh Rusmini.

Lontong CapGomeh Rusmini opens at around 8:30AM daily. Over there, I order the complete set of Lontong CapGomeh. Complete set consists of lontong served with opor ayam, sayur lodeh, egg and tofu

This Lontong CapGomeh is delicious. If you don't like too spicy, you would better not put chili. It's because the gravy itself is already a bit spicy.

Lontong CapGoMeh



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