Sunday 7 October 2012

Hong Kong Egglet

Hong Kong Egglet is a new food stall open at Bugis Junction. They got sell this waffles that looks like 30 ball pieces of eggs all stick together.

Every time I by passes this stall; I always saw a quite long queue. That's makes me curious to try this cute snacks.

I bought their Hong Kong Egglet Cheese. The egglet is very nice, got this nice fragrance and it tastes very sweet.

It will be nicer if you eat the egglet while it’s still hot. When it turns cold, the crunchy and crispy texture will be missing; the worst thing is it will be hard to bite instead.

Other than Cheese, they also have others egglet's flavour, such as: Original, Chocolate and Chicken Floss.

The prices are:- Original egglet: S$2
- Chocolate egglet: S$2.50
- Cheese egglet: S$2.80
- Chicken Floss egglet: S$2.80

FYI, Hong Kong Egglet is famous Hong Kong street snack since 1950.

Hong Kong Egglet Cheese S$2.80

Hong Kong Egglet

Name: Hong Kong Egglet
Address: Bugis Junction #B1


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