Sunday 1 December 2013

Toge Goreng

Today's post is still about traditional Indonesian street dish. It is about Toge Goreng. Curious what is Toge Goreng?

Toge Goreng is a traditional Indonesian dish made from beansprout, yellow noodle, preserved soybeans sauce and oncom. Oncom is a fermented food using mold.  You can add lontong (a compressed rice with banana leaves) if you are very hungry.

Toge Goreng sellers use their voice to announce his arrival.  They said "Toge Goreng..Toge Goreng".

Although the name is Toge Goreng (Fried Beansprout), they don't fry the beansprout.

I don't have any idea why they named this dish Toge Goreng. Maybe because of this preserved soybeans sauce and oncom colour like a fried colour food.

The seller will boil the beansprout and yellow noodle altogether. After boiling, he will put the preserved soybeans sauce and oncom in the top of the beansprout and yellow noodle. After that, he will put ketchup and chilli.

Toge Goreng is very refreshing and it's a healthy food.

Toge Goreng IDR8.000

Beansprout and Yellow Noodle

Toge Goreng Seller


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