Tuesday 8 April 2014

Asinan Sayur

Indonesia has a lot of delicious street foods. One of them is Asinan Sayur.

Curious what is Asinan Sayur? Asinan Sayur is a vegetable dish contains of preserved beansprout, cucumber, carrot, tofu, salted vegetable, serves with peanut sauce, vinegar, and sweet ketchup, and tops with peanut and yellow crackers (a.k.a Kerupuk Mie).

Asinan Sayur can also be considered as a Vegetarian dish. This is one of my favorite street dishes in Jakarta.

This Asinan Sayur is very tasty. I believed once you try it, you will fall in love with this dish.

If you travel to Jakarta, be sure to try this dish. 

Asinan Sayur
Below is the step by step on how to make Asinan Sayur

Asinan Sayur Seller


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