Wednesday 6 March 2013

Sunny Side Up

Last February, I went back to Jakarta to celebrate Chinese New Year. Since I took one week leave, I had a chance to explore MORE nice foods around Jakarta. So, I asked my eating buddies: Olivia to join me. She introduced Sunny Side Up.

Sunny Side Up is a restaurant that focused on eggs. 90% of their menu is about EGG. I believe my Singaporean friends will drooling when seeing this article :p

Over there, we ordered Rambutan Quail Eggs, Sunrise, Egg Bacon for share, Egg benedict with Smoked Salmon and Chocolate White Yolk Juice.

Oliv loves her Sunrise and Chocolate White Yolk Juice. The taste is nice and the portion is a lot. FYI, actually this is a breakfast dish, but… because of a lot of request from customer; they sell it for all day.

Sunrise consist of 2 Egg (any style) sausage, beef bacon, baked beans and whole bread.

Reflected by its name, Chocolate White Yolk Juice is consisting of real white yolk. I can taste it when drink this juice… The taste is quite weird unique as I never try that kind of taste before (it’s just not my cup of tea :p)

Egg benedict with Smoked Salmon is also not bad…The Egg perfectly poached and the yellow egg is coming out after I cut the egg…So yummy…

Egg benedict with Smoked Salmon consists of English muffin, organic baby lettuce, tomato, smoked salmon and poached egg served with hollandaise sauce.

As to my surprise, the waiter served us Strawberry Bavaroa. He said, this dessert is free because our order price is more than IDR150.000 (which is like S$20.00).

Strawberry Bavaroa is very nice. We are very lucky :)

After we had Sunrise, Egg benedict with Smoked Salmon and Strawberry Bavaroa, we felt very full. Oh NO!! No more empty space for Rambutan Quail Eggs and Egg Bacon for share.

Luckily they provide some board game to play. We play scrabble and hope that we fell hungry again after some while

After a while, we tried their Rambutan Quail Eggs and Egg bacon.

Rambutan Quail Eggs is a quail eggs covered with beef. The outside is crunchy enough and it’s not oily. It looks like Rambutan fruit and the taste wise is ok.

Egg Bacon is a dish that meant to be shared. You will gonna feel full after eat one or two eggs. The taste is not so good, but still acceptable for me.

Overall, our lunch at Sunny Side Up was just nice.

Sunrise IDR 44.000

Egg benedict with Smoked Salmon IDR40.500

Egg Bacon for share IDR 33.500

Strawberry Bavaroa

Rambutan Quail Eggs IDR 35.000

 Chocolate White Yolk Juice IDR28.000

Sunny Side Up Interior

Name: Sunny Side Up
Address: Mall Kelapa Gading 3, Gading Walk

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