Sunday 6 January 2013

Rumah Bakwan

Good Day to All!!

Today, let me share with you one restaurant called Rumah Bakwan (House of Bakwan) at Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur (East Jakarta). The owner of this restaurant is no other than my own uncle =)

Their speciality dish is Bakwan Malang. Bakwan Malang is a type of Chinese Indonesian cuisine of meatball and fried wonton soup from Malang, East Java. Sometimes also called Bakso Malang.

Over there, they got a lot variety of bakwan, such as Fried Kekian, Fried Meat Balls, Fried Siomay, Steamed Siomay, Steamed Tofu, and Beef Balls.

PS: Kekian is one of the Peranakan Foods that you can find in Indonesia. Siomay is a fish dumpling.

They have two types of Beef Ball: Normal Beef Ball and Beef ball filled with tendons and coarse meat.

How to order the food? It is so easy! It is a bit similar with how you order Yong Tau Foo in Singapore.

First you need to choose the types of bakwan you want to add on. Different types comes with different price. And then choose either noodle or beehoon to go with it.

Other than Bakwan Malang, they also have Es Mutiara (Pearl Ice). Es Mutiara is a kind of dessert  like ice kachang. It comes with many types of colourful jelly.

Overall, the tastes for their Bakwan Malang and Es Mutiara are nice. The best part of all is the price is affordable.

So, if you are around Rawamangun, you may consider having your lunch / dinner over there. 

Bakwan Malang 

Fried Siomay

Fried Meat Ball

Fried Kekian

Ice Pearl (before mix with ice) IDR5.000

Ice Pearl (after mixed with ice)

Rumah Bakwan Interior

Name: Rumah Bakwan
Address: Sunan Drajat Raya No:19 (beside SOHO)
Bakwan Malang Price
Fried Kekkian: IDR2.500
Fried Meat Ball: IDR2.500
Fried Siomay: IDR2.500
Steamed Siomay: IDR2.500
Steamed Tofu: IDR2.500
Normal Beef Ball: IDR2.500
Beef ball filled with tendons and coarse meat: IDR3.000 
Noodle/Beehoon: IDR1.000


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