Tuesday 10 February 2015

Kue Cubit and Kue Laba-Laba

Hi All. Today I will introduce you to some delicious Indonesian street snack named Kue Cubit and Kue Laba-Laba.

You can easily find Kue Cubit & Laba-Laba seller around primary school area. These snacks are my childhood favorite snacks.

Commonly, this seller is selling two different snacks: Kue Cubit and Kue Laba-Laba.

Kue cubit (a.k.a Pinch Cake) is made from flour, baking powder, sugar and milk. After it's half cooked, the seller will pour chocolate granules on top of the cake. 

Kue Cubit
Curious why do they named it kue cubit? It's because of the small size, they need to pinch the cake to eat it. Normally the seller will serve this cake after it's cooked enough. But upon request, you can order half cooked kue cubit (cooked on bottom and half cooked on top).

Kue Laba-Laba (a.k.a Spider Cake) is using the same ingredient as kue cubit without chocolate granules. The name of Kue Laba-Laba is inspired by this cake shape that is similar as the spider web.  This Kue Laba-Laba is crispy enough.

 Kue Laba-Laba

Below are pictures on how to make kue cubit and kue laba-laba.

Kue Cubit

 Kue Laba-Laba

Kue Cubit & Kue Laba-Laba seller