Friday 1 March 2013

Precious Chocolates from USA

If you are following my other blog (, I’m sure you know that my second sister was having her wedding on the second week on December 2012.

For that special day, my first sister and her husband purposely flew back from USA.

Why I mention her on today’s post? It is just because, she brought back A LOT precious chocolate especially FOR ME.

Thanks, Sis!!! Sometimes, has sisters are the best thing in the world!!!  (Sometimes only, huh!!)

Today, I will not write too many things. Let the pictures talk!

Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs with Genuine Spirits - 64 pcs

(From Italy Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium)



Truffettes de France Natural

KIRKLAND Signature Belgian Chocolate Cups 

KIRKLAND Signature Belgian Chocolate Cups consists of:
- Creme Brulee.
A white chocolate cup, filled with a smooth vanilla-flavored cream and crowned with a delicate topping that is brought to crunchy perfection by rich brown sugar.


- Almond Sea Salt.
A milk chocolate cup, filled with an exquisite almond paste with a hint of sea salt and decorated with chopped hazelnuts.

- Vanilla Honey.
A dark chocolate cup, filled with a delicious vanilla center that is layered with a honey flavored milk chocolate and decorated with a white chocolate drop.

- Dark Ganache.
A dark chocolate cup, filled with a delicious bitter dark chocolate center and finished with a sprinkling of roasted cocoa nibs.

- Mocha.
A white chocolate cup, filled with a smooth hazelnut-coffee flavored center and crowned with a coffee flavored chocolate bean.

- Pistachio.
A dark chocolate cup, filled with a lightly whipped pistachio center capped with chocolate and topped with a pistachio nut.


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