Thursday 16 January 2014

Kwang Koan

Have you ever heard that “Coffee could make you smarter, thinner and healthier”? Don't know whether that slogan is true or not, but surprisingly, most of the people I know, they all are coffee lover.

Some of them are ‘die-die’ also must drink at least a cup coffee to spark their day!! Sadly but it’s true, I, myself, don’t like the bitterness taste of coffee itself = (

I still can accept when it comes to white coffee though.

Anyway, in Jakarta, there is one famous coffee shop located at Kelapa Gading area named Kwang Koan.

The owner of Kwang Koan is Mr. Johny Poluan. He opened Kwang Koan 5 years ago. This coffee shop is so famous. His customer not only from Kelapa Gading, but some of them are purposely come to this area to just drink his coffee.

Why the coffee is so famous? Claimed to use Toraja coffee bean plus with his secret recipe from his parent who is originally come from Hainan China, I’m quite sure his coffee will be quite special. He sells two types of coffee: black coffee and milk coffee. FYI, if you are not coffee lovers, you can try their version of Teh Tarik (Tea with milk or Teh O).

Not only for their coffee, Kwang Koan also famous for their Bakpao (especially the pork filling). The filling portion is quite generous and the taste is yummy-licious as well.

Over there we tried Milk Coffee, Teh Tarik, Pork Bakpao and Ground Nut Bakpao.

We were satisfied with the foods and drinks that we ordered. I would recommend you to have your breakfast, brunch, and tea-break at Kwang Koan.

Will I go there again? Absolutely Yes!!

Milk Coffee
Teh Tarik 
Pork Bakpao

Ground Nut Bakpao 

 Half Boiled Egg
Below are some pictures on the making of Coffee

Kwang Koan
Name: Kwang Koan
Address: JL. Kopyor Raya Blok Q1 No.1 Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara Indonesia
Opening Hours
Monday - Friday: 06.00AM - 18:00PM
Saturday - Sunday: 06:00AM - 15:00PM 


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