Saturday 30 June 2012

Rickson's Kitchen

Hi, guys!! Today, I want to share with you all about Japanese Konnyaku Jelly at Rickson's Kitchen. If you are around IMM, you might want to try this.

They offer 19 flavours of jelly, such as:
- Blue Nata De Coco
- Longan Fruit
- Rose Flavour
- Japanese Plum
- Passion Fruit
- Grape Flavour
- Sour Plum
- Fresh Mango
- Dragon Fruit
- Multi Cherries
- Orange Juice
- Green Apple
- Strawberry Fruit
- Blueberry (Ribena)
- Green Kiwifruit
- Maraschino Cherry
- Lychee Fruit
- Pink Guava
- Peach Fruit

Every time I go to IMM, I usually buy this Konnyaku Jelly. The fruits are fresh and the jelly tastes are sweet and nice. In the “hot” country like Singapore, eating this jelly makes my day cooler.

Other than Jelly, Rickson's Kitchen also sells some of kueh like Pandan Glutinous Rice, Mini Rice Kueh, Mini Siew Mai and many more.

 Japanese Konnyaku Jelly

Rickson's Kitchen

Name: Rickson's Kitchen
Address: IMM Building Jurong East St 21 #01-K02
Nearest MRT: Jurong East MRT

4 pcs: S$2.50
6 pcs: S$3.50
12 pcs: S$7.00 


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