Wednesday 26 December 2012

Sari Kuring

Share with you another Good seafood Restaurant at Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara. Sari Kuring is one of restaurant that I and family used to visit during my childhood.

It opened quite sometimes a go; it is one of the old seafood restaurants at Kelapa Gading that still survive until now. Kudos to them, I believe it’s not an easy task to compete with other new seafood restaurant that keeps coming up.

During my holiday (balik kampong trip), I went to Sari Kuring. I and Family ordered Gurame Terbang (Flying Gurame Fish), Tahu Isi Goreng, Satay ayam, sambal and Sayur asem.

Gurame Terbang is a ‘Gurame’ fish fried to a golden hue – served whole - it looks like it have a set of wings to fly.
They fried it until the fish’s bone is crispy enough for you to eat, bite and swallow it. It’s very crispy. It must be accompanied with the "sambal belacan”.

PS: The sambal belacan is another dish that you need to order. It’s not FOC!!

Tahu Isi Goreng is a fried tofu filled with assorted of vegetable. If you like fried food, you definitely will like this dish. It also must be accompanied with the "sambal belacan”. This dish is best eaten with plate of piping hot rice.

Satay ayam is an Indonesian chicken satay that taste wise is better than Singapore satay.
This satay also comes with peanut sauce. This dish is best eaten while it’s still hot.

Sayur asem is a Famous Indonesian dish that consists of many types of vegetables. The special things about the sayur asem is comes from the gravy. The gravy is so rich of flavor and it is super tasty.

And as for the drink, I tried Sirsak Juice. This juice is not bad either. They only use the fruits with no additional sugar at all.

The minus point about this restaurant is while we were eating, we got a few companions (flies) that wanted to share dinner with us =(

Although the food’s taste is slightly dropped compare with last time, I still had a great dinner over there.
 Gurame Terbang

Satay Ayam

Sambal Belacan

Sayur Asem

Tahu Isi Goreng

Sirsak Juice
Sari Kuring Interior


Name: Sari Kuring
Address: Boulevard Kelapa Gading Block M No. 7, Jakarta Utara - Indonesia
Opening Hours
Afternoon: 11:30PM - 15:00PM
Evening: 17.30PM - 22:00PM 


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