Tuesday 10 December 2013

Yuliana Roti Bloeder Tempo Doeloe

Today I want to share with you about Roti BloederRoti Bloeder is an old generation of Indonesian bread that my grandma had used to eat before.

Nowadays, it's very difficult to find this bread. Luckily, Mrs Yuliana made this bread so we (young generation) could try it.

Originally Roti Bloeder comes from Holland. Indonesian people know this bread since Dutch colonial in Indonesia.

This roti bloeder has many flavours, such as: Abon, Smoke Beef Cheese, Durian, Cheese, Chocolate, Strawberry, Peanut, Chocolate Peanut, Cheese & Milk, Mocha, Meat, and Chicken flavours. 

My favorites are Durian and Smoke Beef Cheese flavour. The topping is a lot and yummy.

Roti Bloeder Smoke Beef Cheese flavour

Roti Bloeder 

Name: Yuliana
Address: Kelapa Lilin 7 NI-3 No.5 Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara Indonesia
Contact No: (021) 4532551 -  4517605 - 71334782 - 0888643 1772


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