Friday 7 June 2013

Sun Ray Cafe

Good Day to All!!!

How’s your last weekend? My last weekend was so damn fantastic!! Thanks to Dave from Sun Ray café for the food tasting invitation. I and my sister were enjoyed our brunch soooo much. The food, dessert and beverage were superb!

PS: Not only for the food testing, I also BIG thanks Dave for his most professional assistance in some important stuffs about coffee. For me who originally know nut about coffee, I learned a bit more after met him.

A short description about Sun Ray café:

Located within Serangoon Gardens, Sun Ray café not only provide great foods for human being it’s also serve furry animal (such as dog).  But please bear in mind that their main customer still human who like to eat great food like us =P

This café is currently revamping their menu and renovating the interior, to deliver a more focused coffee drinking experience for its patrons. Even though their more focused on coffee, they still provide classic comfort and nice foods.

Their trained baristas are SCAE certified (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe).

At Sun Ray Café, you may experience coffee brewed using different techniques such as syphon, cold brew and French press and also the specialty drip coffee brew sing their own custom-roasted blend called Brighton blend.

Okay, without further due, let me share with you my great experience @ Sun Ray café.
As a starter, Dave served their brewed beverage.

Single Origin with Siphon Coffee

Just need one sip of it to feel the lightness and how elegant the taste of this coffee. It got a lovely fragrant for even I (not a coffee lover) can easily enjoy the taste of it.

They used Yirgacheffe coffee (from Ethiopia) and brewed it with Siphon to keep the freshness.

FYI, they encourage their customer to never add any sugar to maintain the original taste of the beans.


It contains 1/3 Coffee, 1/3 Milk and 1/3 Foam.

Tell you a secret (since you are my lovely reader, duh!), Dave told me that they use Meiji milk as the ingredient.


How to know whether the Latte is good or not? When you can see a while line in between means it brewed successfully.  Their latte art is quite impressive.

Just after the “hot coffee”, they served us with their brunch meal.

American Breakfast

I love American breakfast the most. It’s really a worth dish to try. With a decent price, they served it in a super generous portion. American breakfast consists of scrambled egg or sunny side up, Italian sausages, croquette, bacon, homemade bread and salad. They make all the food by themselves.

The homemade bread is very nice (my sister love it). I love the Italian sausage more, it’s very thick, springy and a bit spicy. I believed you will like this set very much.

Egg benedict

The Egg benedict is not a bad option either. It consists of 2 poached eggs on homemade bread, smoked salmon and orange hollandaise sauce.

Not only “hot coffee” they also served the “cold coffee”
Iced Mocha

It is one of the most popular beverages over there. The combination between latte and chocolate powder blended so perfectly. This beverage is Rock!!

Cold Brew

Cold brewed coffee naturally seems sweeter due to its lower acidity. For this coffee, they’ll need to brew it at least 12 hours to get the awesome taste.

There is one special thing about this coffee, they add whisky rock inside. It will help to keep your coffee coldness without watering it down. It does not contain any alcohol but I don’t know why it gives me slightly whisky aroma.

Finally, they served their glorious DESSERT!!

Homemade Lava Cake and Homemade Tiramisu
Homemade Lava Cake

Homemade Tiramisu

From the name it’s already tell you that both desserts are homemade. Everything homemade is original and special. Love love love the Lave cake. It is warm and had both a good taste and a good texture. And their layered dessert, Tiramisu is delightful.

Currently they have 2 types of promotion:
$10 Return Voucher
To redeem a $10 return voucher during your visit, simply like Sun Ray Café’s Facebook page, show it to their staff there and say “Sun Ray Happiness”. This promotion is valid until 31 July 2013. Not valid with other promotions.

Shout and Get Free Coffee Vouchers!
Be rewarded with a free Coffee Voucher whenever you dine at Sun ray Café. Simply shout out “Caffeinated Happiness” to their staff to redeem a voucher. This promotion is valid till 31 July 2013. Terms and conditions apply.

1. How to go there?
• By MRT: Ang Mo Kio MRT, Seranggon MRT, Lor Chuan MRT
• By Bus

   - From Seranggon Garden Circus:
      317 towards Seranggon Interchange (1min)
      315 towards Seranggon North Ave 1 (1min)
      136 towards Punggol (1min)
      73 towards AMK (1min)
      Alernatively, take short 6minute walk down Seranggon Garden Way. Look out for Brighton Crescent on your right.
    - From Ang Mo Kio (AMK)
       73 towards Toa Payoh (bus stop outside AMK MRT - 15min)
       136 towards Seranggon Garden (AMK Bus Interchange - 15min)
    - From Seranggon Interchange (NEX)
       317 (5min)
       315 (8min)
     - From Lor Chuan MRT Station
        73 (at Cardiff Court 6min)
        136 (at Cardiff Court 6min)
• Drive: 79 Brighton Crescent, Serangoon Gardens, Singapore 559218

2. What time is the opening hours?
• Monday & Tuesday: 6 pm - 11 pm
• Wednesday & Thursday: 11 am - 11 pm
• Friday: 11 am - 12 midnight
• Saturday: 10 am - 12 midnight
• Sunday: 10 am - 11 pm
• Eve of PH: Opens till 12 midnight
• PH: Opens at 10 am

3. Keen of buying a set of Coffee Maker equipment?
If you want to purchase a complete set of coffee maker for your loved one, you can contact Dave for the arrangement.

Coffee Maker equipment


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