Monday 27 April 2015


Today I will introduce you a delicious traditional Indonesian's street food named Gado-Gado. You can easily find Gado-Gado seller around Jakarta.

Gado-Gado is a traditional Indonesian salad that consists of vegetables (long bean, cucumber, bitter-grout, beansprout, chayote), potato, tofu, egg, lontong, crackers and served with peanut sauce dressing.

Vegetables and Ingredients

Peanut Sauce Ingredient
If you like spicy, you can request to put more cayenne pepper. Also if you prefer not spicy, you can request to not put cayenne pepper at all. You also can request to not adding some vegetables that you don't like.

Gado-Gado is a healthy and tasty food. I like it very much.

As this foods categorizes as traditional Indonesian food, the way that they make this Gado-Gado is also using traditional way.
First, the seller need to create peanut sauce dressing. After that, they cut and put the vegetables and other elements. After that, they mixed it with the peanut sauce and put a little bit sweet soy sauce and some crackers. It's very interesting to see how the seller make this dish.

You may see some pictures on step by step how to make Gado-Gado below.



Thursday 23 April 2015

Shakey`s Pizza

Today I will share with you about nice pizza restaurant named Shakey`s Pizza. Shakey's Pizza is located at Liang Court Mall.

Shakey`s Pizza is originally from California. Nowadays, this restaurant's branches are spread around the world.

We visited this restaurant to celebrate one of my office lunch Kaki's birthday.

Over there, I ordered Shakey's Baby Back Ribs and Triple Sausage Pizza

Shakey's Baby Back Ribs (Half Slab S$14.80)

Shakey's Baby Back Ribs is marinated with special BBQ sauce, served with Shakey's Pizza famous mojos and mesclun salad. The pork meat is tender and the BBQ sauce is tasty. Overall this is a decent dish.

Triple Sausage S$19.80

Triple Sausage Pizza consists of chorizo, chicken and pork sausages. This pizza can be shared up to four people. It's not bad either.

Will I go there again? Yes.

Shakey`s Pizza Interior
Name: Shakey`s Pizza
Address: #02-32 Liang Court (177 River Valley Road) 
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay MRT

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Ho Kian Lo Mie Mie Ayam Abadi

Today I will show you about nice restaurant selling Ho Kian Lo Mie around Sunter - Jakarta area.

The name of this restaurant is Ho Kian Lo Mie Mie Ayam Abadi. Over there, we tried Ho Kian Lo Mie, Nasi Campur and Pangsit Kuah.

Ho Kian Lo Mie

Ho Kian Lo Mie consists of noodle, shrimp, mushroom, fish ball, gizzard, vegetables and thick gravy. This thick gravy makes Hokian Lo Mie different with other normal noodle dishes.

This Ho Kian Lo Mie is delicious and best to eat when it's still hot.

Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur in this place consists of chicken, char siew, crispy roasted pork, egg and pork satay.  This dish also comes with vegetable soup. The taste is not bad, but I prefer Ho Kian Lo Mie.

Vegetable Soup
Pangsit Kuah

Pangsit Kuah a.k.a dumpling soup is also delicious. The meat filling inside the dumpling is a lot and not hard to bite.

Es Lidah Buaya

For the drink, we tried Es Lidah Buaya. Es Lidah Buaya consist of aloe vera. This is a cooling drink and good for your body.

Will I go there again? Yes.

Ho Kian Lo Mie Mie Ayam Abadi
Name: Ho Kian Lo Mie Mie Ayam Abadi
Address: Danau Sunter Utara AI No.8 (Sunter Agung) - Jakarta Indonesia

Thursday 16 April 2015


Looking for a nice dessert at Tampines area? You may try BlackBall.

BlackBall is a famous dessert in Taiwan. Even they claimed that BlackBall was the number one grass jelly dessert in Taiwan.

Over there, I tried BlackBall Signature Dessert. This is one of the recommended dishes that they have.

BlackBall Signature Dessert S$5.40

BlackBall Signature Dessert consists of Grass Jelly, Yam Q, Golden Sweet Potato, Taro Balls, Sweet Potato Balls, Red Beans and Pearls.

The portion is quite big. I believed one portion can be shared up to two people. The toppings are not hard to bite and it's tasty.

Will I go there again? Yes.

BlackBall Interior
Name: BlackBall
Address: Tampines One #02-K2
Nearest MRT: Tampines MRT

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Kedai Seni Djakarte

Hi all!  Today I will review about a nice and creative decoration concept café in Jakarta that is called Kedai Seni Djakarte.

This café is located on nearby Café Batavia - around Kota Tua area.

Over there, we tried Roti Bakar Ice Cream and their signature beverages: Es Toples Anggur (Grape Fruit) and Es Toples Kiwi.

 Es Toples Anggur & Es Toples Kiwi

Es Toples Kiwi contains of real Kiwi fruit inside a jar. Es Toples Anggur also contains of real Grape fruit as well. Es Toples Kiwi tastes a bit sour and Es Toples Anggur tastes sweet.

Es Toples Kiwi IDR17.000

Es Toples Anggur IDR17.000
Our favorite among these two beverages is Es Toples Anggur. These beverage are similar like infused water. The only difference is that they add syrup into these Es Toples.

Roti Bakar Ice Cream IDR19.000

For Roti Bakar Ice Cream (Toast with Ice Cream), we can choose one jam topping and two scoops of ice cream. The flavor that you can choose for jam topping is either Blueberry jam, Stawberry jam or Chocolate jam. For ice cream flavor is either Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry. Roti Bakar is toasted perfectly and ice cream tastes delicious.

Will I go there again? Yes.

Kedai Seni Djakarte
Name: Kedai Seni Djakarte
Address: Jalan Pintu Besar Utara No.17 Jakarta Kota Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta 

Saturday 11 April 2015

World Street Food Congress 2015

Wondering where to go today? You may visit World Street Food Congress 2015 at Bugis area.

World Street Food Congress 2015 held from 8 - 12 April 2015. They have 24 stalls from 21 cities from all over the world in this event.

FYI, they have different counter for ordering the food and collecting the food. So you need to queue two times: queue for ordering the food and after that queue again for collecting the food. It would be better that if you are not going there alone. So your partner can queue for collecting the foods while at the same time you queue for ordering and pay the food.

Over there, we tried Churros Sundae from Chrurros Locos (USA), Deep Fried Shisamo from Bon Chovie (USA), and Banh Xeo & Banh Can from Banh Can 38 (Vietnam).

Churros Sundae S$8.00

Churros Sundae is quite nice. The churros is also crispy.

Deep Fried Shisamo (3pcs) S$10.00

Deep Fried Shisamo is very tasty. Deep Fried Shisamo comes with French Fries and sauce. You will not regret to order this. 

Banh Xeo and Banh Can S$9.00

Banh Xeo is a Vietnamese Crispy Seafood Pancake and Banh Can is a Vietnamese Mini Seafood Pancake. One portion of this dish contains of two Banh Can, one Banh Xeo, vegetable and sauce. The taste is nice.

Overall, all the foods we tried were delicious. My only comment, is it worth the money? Let's yourself decide whether it's worth or not :) 

Below are some pictures for the making of Banh Can and Banh Xeo.

 Banh Can

  Banh Xeo

Curros Locos (USA) Stall
Bon Chovie (USA) Stall
 Banh Can 38 (Vietnam) Stall

Event Name: World Street Food Congress 2015
Date: 8 - 12 April 2015
Venue: Bugis, grassland next to Tan Quee Lan Street

Thursday 9 April 2015

The Queen & Mangosteen

Hello Awesome People!!! Looking for a cosy restaurant with a great Sentosa view at Vivo City? You may try The Queen & Mangosteen.

The Queen & Mangosteen is one of my recommended restaurant for having lunch and diners.

Over there, we tried Baked Jumbo King Prawn, Grilled Chicken Breast and Coconut Ice Cream.

Baked Jumbo King Prawn S$26.00

Baked Jumbo King Prawn served on Truffle Pasta and Wild Rocket. It's very delightful and the Prawn is fresh.

Grilled Chicken Breast S$24.00

Grilled Chicken Breast stuffed with Herbed Cream Cheese served with Fruit Chutney, Mustard Potatoes and Garden Vegetables. The chicken is tender and the combination between herbed cream cheese with grilled chicken is simply superb.

Coconut Ice Cream S$10.00

Coconut Ice Cream served in Exotic Coconut Shell, topped with Rum and Sea Coconut. This dessert is not only looking great, it tastes one too. This is a must dessert to order if you visit The Queen & Mangosteen.

Will I go there again? Absoultely Yes.

The Queen & Mangosteen
Name: The Queen & Mangosteen
Address: #01-106/107 Vivocity 1 Habourfront Walk
Nearest MRT: Harbourfront MRT
Opening Hours
Daily: 12:00PM - 12:00AM

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Cafe Batavia

Today I will show you about the second oldest building turn into a café in central Jakarta named Café Batavia. This building age is about 200 years old. Cool right?

In 1991, the owner decided to turn this building into a café. Café Batavia opened to public in 1993.

When you step into this building, you will be amazed with an elegant architecture of 19th century Jakarta during colonial era with a lot of nice photos hanging on the wall. Café Batavia is also famous among tourists around the world and becomes one of the must visited place in Jakarta. 

Café Batavia have two floors. They have live band in the first floor. But please note that the first floor is a smoking area. For more private and not smoking area, you may go to the second floor.

We were having lunch on the second floor. We ordered Nasi Campur "Menner", Fried Rice with Chicken and Salted Fish. For the drink, we tried Bajigur.

Nasi Campur "Meneer" IDR65.000

Nasi Campur "Meneer" is a traditional Indonesian cuisine comes with Rendang, Chicken Satay, vegetables, Balada Egg, Orek Tempe and Chili. This dish is one of the recommended dish at café Batavia. It's delicious indeed.

Fried Rice with Chicken and Salted Fish IDR60.000

Fried Rice with Chicken and Salted Fish is also not bad and the portion is big.

Bajigur IDR45.000

Bajigur consists of Coffee, Salt, Coconut Milk, Palm Sugar and Vanilla. Bajigur is one of traditional beverage that is quite difficult to find already. It's really nice. You must try it.

Overall, we were enjoying having lunch there. It's a pleasant experience.

Will I go there again? Yes.

Café Batavia

Name: Café Batavia
Address: Jalan Pintu Besar Utara No.14 Jakarta Kota Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta 11230, Indonesia

Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday: 8:00AM - 12:00AM
Friday: 8:00AM - 1:00AM
Saturday: 7:00AM - 1:00AM
Sunday/ Public Holiday: 7:00AM - 12:00AM