Tuesday 21 April 2015

Ho Kian Lo Mie Mie Ayam Abadi

Today I will show you about nice restaurant selling Ho Kian Lo Mie around Sunter - Jakarta area.

The name of this restaurant is Ho Kian Lo Mie Mie Ayam Abadi. Over there, we tried Ho Kian Lo Mie, Nasi Campur and Pangsit Kuah.

Ho Kian Lo Mie

Ho Kian Lo Mie consists of noodle, shrimp, mushroom, fish ball, gizzard, vegetables and thick gravy. This thick gravy makes Hokian Lo Mie different with other normal noodle dishes.

This Ho Kian Lo Mie is delicious and best to eat when it's still hot.

Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur in this place consists of chicken, char siew, crispy roasted pork, egg and pork satay.  This dish also comes with vegetable soup. The taste is not bad, but I prefer Ho Kian Lo Mie.

Vegetable Soup
Pangsit Kuah

Pangsit Kuah a.k.a dumpling soup is also delicious. The meat filling inside the dumpling is a lot and not hard to bite.

Es Lidah Buaya

For the drink, we tried Es Lidah Buaya. Es Lidah Buaya consist of aloe vera. This is a cooling drink and good for your body.

Will I go there again? Yes.

Ho Kian Lo Mie Mie Ayam Abadi
Name: Ho Kian Lo Mie Mie Ayam Abadi
Address: Danau Sunter Utara AI No.8 (Sunter Agung) - Jakarta Indonesia


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