Monday 27 April 2015


Today I will introduce you a delicious traditional Indonesian's street food named Gado-Gado. You can easily find Gado-Gado seller around Jakarta.


Gado-Gado is a traditional Indonesian salad that consists of vegetables (long bean, cucumber, bitter-grout, beansprout, chayote), potato, tofu, egg, lontong, crackers and served with peanut sauce dressing.

Vegetables and Ingredients

Peanut Sauce Ingredient
If you like spicy, you can request to put more cayenne pepper. Also if you prefer not spicy, you can request to not put cayenne pepper at all. You also can request to not adding some vegetables that you don't like.

Gado-Gado is a healthy and tasty food. I like it very much.

As this foods categorizes as traditional Indonesian food, the way that they make this Gado-Gado is also using traditional way.
First, the seller need to create peanut sauce dressing. After that, they cut and put the vegetables and other elements. After that, they mixed it with the peanut sauce and put a little bit sweet soy sauce and some crackers. It's very interesting to see how the seller make this dish.

You may see some pictures on step by step how to make Gado-Gado below.




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