Wednesday 1 August 2012

Sinma Claypot Live Frog

Good Wednesday to All!!

Today, I will review the famous claypot frog porridge restaurant at Geylang called Sinma Claypot Live Frog.

Me and my colleague ordered 3 dishes, which are: Claypot Frog porridge, Oyster Omelette and XO Sauce Fried Deer Meat with Japanese mushroom.

The Frog porridge is very very nice. Over there you may choose either you want it spicy or not spicy. We prefer the spicy one.

If you can't take spicy food, I suggest you to don’t try the spicy one. Their spicy capacity is superb =P

XO Sauce Fried Deer Meat with Japanese mushroom is also nice. The deer meat is not hard and the mushroom is soft and nice.

I was impressed with the Frog porridge and XO sauce fried deer meat with Japanese mushroom, but not The Oyster Omelette.

For me, there is nothing special with Oyster Omelette. It is just a normal omelette with Oyster and tomato sauce. Although the Oysters are fresh, this dish taste is not that nice.

Will I go there again? Of course I will.

Claypot Frog Porridge S$22 (buy 3 frog get 2 free)

Claypot Porridge

Claypot Frog

Oyster Omelette S$12

XO Sauce Fried Deer Meat with Japanese Mushroom S$28

Sinma Claypot Live Frog

Name: Sinma Claypot Live Frog
Address: 161 / 163 Geylang Road Lorong 3 #01-01 / 02
Nearest MRT: Kallang MRT

Opening Hours
Daily: 4:00PM - 4:00AM


  1. menunya dalam bahasa inggris ga?

  2. Hi Anihe, ada bahasa inggris di menunya. Oh iya, mereka biasanya menyajikan kacang dan tissue basah. Kalo ga mau kacang dan tissue basah, harus langsung ditolak. Jadi ga disuruh bayar buat kacang dan tissue basahnya


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