Monday 16 December 2013

Kue Putu and Klepon

Hi all, today I will share with you another delicious Indonesian traditional street foods named Kue Putu and Klepon. Hope you haven't bored yet :)

Kue Putu is a traditional cake made from grated coconut, rice flour and contain of palm sugar. To make this cake, the seller need to put kue putu into a bamboo hole (like a tube) and he will steam it. Normally the seller will serve steamed Kue Putu with grated coconut.

Klepon is a traditional rice cake that contain palm sugar and rolled in grated coconut.

The seller puts generous palm sugar inside Kue Putu and Klepon. He uses Pandan leaf for green colour in Klepon and Kue Putu skin. It's yummy, fragrant and have a soft texture.

These cakes are best to eat when they are still hot.

You can easily find this Kue Putu and Klepon during evening until night. The seller will pull the cart and have a unique sound to announce his arrival. The sound is similar like boiled water in the kettle. You may play video below to hear his sound.

Below are some pictures for the making of Kue Putu and Klepon.

Kue Putu

Kue Putu Seller


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