Thursday 7 November 2013

D`Stupid Baker

Today, I will show you one of the top quality bakeries at Jakarta called D`Stupid Baker

I believe some of you will think "Why do they call their own bakery café like that?" Actually for me, it’s a clever idea to use this kind of name. It's funny yet remarkable. Many people will become more curious to buy the breads.

Anyway, although this bakery cafe's name is D`Stupid Baker, it does not mean the way that it should. Their breads are top qualities and very yummy. You should try it someday.

After I opened their website, I understood that they were referring to "Stupid price with Five Star Quality".

Kezia introduced me to this place. Also thanks to her for these breads. She told me that the baker came from Singapore. Wow, no wonder why it's so nice :)


Name: D`Stupid Baker
Address: JL. Danau Sunter Barat Blok A2 No.6 Jakarta Indonesia 


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