Wednesday 18 June 2014

Kue Rangi

As a promise to my cousin, today I will show you a delicious traditional Indonesian cake named kue rangi.

Kue rangi is made from coconut. The seller bakes it. After baking, he put brown sugar sauce on the top of the baked coconut.

Kue Rangi

This cake is delicious and best to eat when it's still hot because when it turns cold, this cake is not crunchy anymore.

Nowadays, it's quite difficult to find this kue rangi. In order to find this kue rangi, I need to ask other traditional cake seller if they have kue rangi seller's contact number. Luckily, one of the seller that I ask, knows kue rangi seller's contact number. In the end, I call the seller and eat this kue rangi happily.

Below are some pictures for the making of Kue Rangi.

Kue Rangi seller


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