Friday 20 June 2014

Happy eating with maximum $5 at Wanton Noodle stall (Read this to find out about the shop name)

Yeah finally it's Friday.  For this week's Happy Eating with maximum S$5 topic, I will show you one unique stall that sells delicious wanton noodle that will make you drool and drool again.

Why do I say this stall is unique? It’s because of their name. Although the stall name is Teck Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice, they don't sell chicken rice at all. Instead, they sell wanton noodle, lor mee and prawn noodle. Unique right?

Curios why it's like that? Ok, I will tell you the whole story behind this unique name. Teck Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice was belong to the previous seller who sold chicken rice. After a few years, Teck Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice didn't continue to run the business here.  So this stall is occuped by the new seller and they are selling wanton noodle.

Although the seller is already changed and they sell different type of foods, I don't know why the new seller never replaces the old sign name with the new one. Until today, the new seller still use the old stall signboard.

Anyway, I don't realize about this until I start writing this post. Luckily my sister's colleague knows about this story, so I don't give you wrong information :)

Now the only problem is neither me or my sister's colleague knows the real name of this wanton noodle stall. But don't worry, I will provide the stall address and the old signboard name so you can easily find this stall.

Ok, now let's back to the review.

Over there, I and my sister try dry wanton noodle, dry wanton lau shu fen and dumpling.

Just for your information, these dishes are a dark brown version of wanton noodle and wanton lau shu fen. I believed it's quite hard to find dark brown version in Singapore. But please forgive for my ignorance if the dark brown version is common in Singapore :)

Even though we order the dry one, these dishes are not too dry. It's because they put quite a lot of dark brown sauce into it. So, you will be able to mix the noodle and lau shu fen properly to make the taste even better. We like these dishes so much. It's very tasty.

Guess how much does it cost? S$2.50 for wanton noodle/lau shu fen and 50cents for big dumpling.  Cheap right?  The only challenging part is that this stall is not located near MRT station.

Will I go there again? Absolutely yes.

Dry wanton lau shu fen with dumpling S$3.00 

Dry wanton noodle with dumpling S$3.00 


Wanton Noodle stall

Name (previous signboard stall): Teck Mei Hainanese Chicken Rice
Address: 151 Bedok Reservoir #01-1735
Nearest MRT: Eunos MRT

Closed on Sunday.


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